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Thursday, March 3, 2011

8 reasons.

I've been starting to get depressed about this cycle, so I decided I needed to come up with 8 reasons why this cycle (cycle number 8) is the one.

  1. The HSG test (read that post here). They even tell you at the lab that it could "up" your chances. The RE didn't seem to think that it would help, but maybe he was wrong.
  2. Acupuncture. Lots and lots of women go for infertility, and it helps some. Hopefully we are part of that "some".
  3. We had really well timed BD, unlike some of our previous cycles.
  4. Because we have a plan. You always hear stories of couples making the decision to adopt, or getting their IVF regimen together, and getting their BFP that month.
  5. Because I have the nursery - literally every inch - perfectly planned out in my mind.
  6. We have the names practically set in stone (read that post here).
  7. Because I feel pregnant. Progesterone has been really, really mean to me each and every month. It's hard to remember if I feel worse this month as the previous months, or just the same. My boobs are so sore and huge, I'm peeing like every hour, and I'm as hungry as a horse no matter what I eat.
  8. Because it just has to be. 


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