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Friday, March 25, 2011


Just wanted to share some pics of the horses that live on a farm near our house in Akron. There's about 5 of them, a mini horse, and 2 foals. I've gotten a chance to watch the foals grow up over the 6 months I've lived down the street and it's been great. They get so big so fast!

I went to visit them yesterday and the babies weren't there :( But one of the big gals was and she came over to say hi. She is always the first to come over when you pull up. The horses are very used to people visiting and feeding them. We usually bring them apples or carrots in the summer. The big gal came up to say hello, got huffy when she realized I had no food and only wanted to take pictures lol, and walked away. Then one of the other gals came up. They really are such beautiful magestic creatures.


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