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Friday, March 4, 2011

Oldies but AMAZINGs!!

My stepsibling's mom somehow saved all the pics off of my crashed laptop. I'm soo excited. Here's the best of the best of NYC. <3

The early days:

Cute girls

Franky & Bri-bri


KellyFrank Love

My Lovelies

Best. Picture. EVER.

This was saved as "somuchtannerthanDouch" LOL

Subway Lovins

"Super Bowl girls style"
"Us so long ago"

Halloween NYC style:

Holly, Kendra & Hugh


Blurry nights:

I have no clue who this kid is lol

Who are these fools that you're so cozy with, Douch? LOL

This was saved as "I have no idea where we are" lol

I love this picture, hehe!


This was a "GOOD MORNING!" text lol
This was a "But wait" text...
And this was an "I'm gonna fuckin puke" text LOL
Frank & Sophie
Remember all those pics on the door lol??

Sexy elevator man
Spider Frank!!
I still LOVE this pic LOL!!

Olive Garden love <3
"Subway us"


At the airport :(

Trying out for the stupid Real World lol
Olive Garden! (We loved it there.)


Moving out!
Photo Booth fun!
All the girls <3
Our final scenes in acting school
Hahaha.. this is titled "What a hoe" LOL
Sledding in Central Park!
Chucky & Tiffany in Central Park

Hat ladies!

The best friends a girl could ever ask for:

Birthday dinner... guess where!!
Frank's birthday morning!!!

Cab fun!
Dinner with Brie... guess where?!!?!
Looking our very best LOL

This will forever be known as the "gross chicken" picture!
Dinner with Quint (blech).... guess where?!?!?!!?!?!?

I love and miss you both SO much <3


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