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Friday, October 4, 2013

3m-11m month skills!

2-3 months

Loves to kick his legs in the bath with mommy
01/22 first night in crib!
Doing better with tummy time
01/11 really laughing
01/19 first subermerged bath
Laughing more
Likes to be held like a big boy on your hip
Likes to bounce on your knee
Already trying to lift up to all fours
Got my Bumbo chair
Holding head up well!
Laughed for the first time!
Loves playmat!

3-4 months

Sleeping in his crib like a big boy
Loves the dogs, especially Reese, and Reese loves him
Loves his snail and puppy toys
Likes his Bumbo
Possibly teething - drooling and chewing on everything, but no teeth yet
In 6-9 month clothes!
Doing a little better in the car
Reaching for stuff, pulling into mouth
Rolled over! Both ways in one day 2/3, belly to back first

4-5 months

Loving babywearing
Went to the zoo!
My first lovey - Luna
"Crawling" backwards
Got my jumperoo and love it!
Getting better at grabbing what I want
Doing much better with my bink
Ticklish now!
Tried apples & bananas

5-6 months

4/23 starting to recognize the sign for milk and the Octonauts theme song
Sick again 4/22 :(
First real bath! 4/15
On all fours rocking! 4/14
First night without mommy! 4/13
Sitting up for 10-60 seconds at a time! 4/10
Likes to sleep on his side
Sat in the cart like a big boy 4/3
Growing a sunflower! 4/2
Sick 3/27 - 4/2
Got my highchair!

6-7 months

Loves swinging
Tooth #1 is here! 5/25
Finally taking long naps
Loves frozen banana cubes, walks in his stroller & daddy's hat
Knows and loves "this little piggy"
5/21 two bottom teeth almost here!
Big open mouth wet kisses 5/18
5/13 pulling himself up on your hands!
Reaches out to be picked up
Goes from all fours to sitting and sitting to all fours
Loves music and Reese
5/1 - 6mo visit 16lbs 27" long 17" head
Knows milk
Sleeping 7/3 on a good night!
Sitting up REALLY well

7-8 months

Better in the car!
Last swim class 6/21
STTN! 6/21
Pulled himself up on object 6/10
Conquered "the step" 6/8
First REAL belly chuckle 6/7
Starting to pull himself up on stuff 6/5 (mommy) 
5/31 crawling!!! (7months6days)
Ate a whole peach by himself! 5/29
Tooth #2 5/27
Crawled 5/28
First time in outdoor pool 5/27
Doing awesome at eating!

8-9 months

Officially took two steps 7/24
Loves his water table!
2 naps a day! 7/7
Lots of dirty blonde hair!
Talking more <3 p="">Knows Daddy Mason puppies snacks bink milk and daddy's hat
Loving his snacks and the pool!
Great pincher grasp!
Really fussy week!

9-10 months

Can climb stairs
Loves squeezies and his sippy cup
Possibly allergic to eggplant
Playing more but still likes to put things in his mouth :)
Loves knee rides with Daddy
Knows "cuppy"
Hands you objects
Can put ball in hole on hampster wheel toy
Working on waving and clapping
Can knock and splash
Clicks with his tongue and thinks it's funny when you do
Says dada 8/29
Knows (and loves!) cookies
Likes reading in your lap
Loves watching daddy cut the grass
Loves Goodnight Moon
Knows tv and outside
Knows fishies, walk and light
Waving and pointing a little
Knows froggy, ducky and ball
Loves walking with his walker
Loves chicken, bread, ice cream and baked apples
Drinks out of a straw

10-11 months

"Claps" by patting his knees
First hair cut! 9/14
Loves opening and closing doors
Starting to dance!
Knows touchdown!
Cut tooth #3! 
Sleeping 10+ hrs
9/11 waved to someone!
Knows "fan"
Officially walking 8/31
Likes watching BabyFirst in the morning in bed with mommy
Loves pb&j and breakfast sausage

11-12 months

Says "Tilda"
Gives kisses!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week #4, signature look!

I've been so excited about this week! I really put love into this dress, I'm so excited with how it turned out, and how it fit and photographed on my little model!

This is the Marley dress, named after my friend's adorable daughter.

I knew I wanted an elastic neckline, for a fun textured look. I knew I wanted a "sash", and poofy girly sleeves (tutorial by Dana, of course). When I thought about what would give the dress a "fall" look, I knew cord had to be it. And I LOVE this pairing of colors together.. very fall!

I love the super fun pockets.. I kind of "wung" those, the ruffle was a little top heavy, so now I know why you never see those on top of pockets ;) But I still think it came out cute! Without further delay, the Marley dress..

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