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Friday, August 30, 2013

Testing..testing.. is this thing on?? Ahem. Knocking the dust off... No, but seriously, I can't even just laugh it off and say, "Oh, I've been a bad blogger!".. I seriously just plain haven't blogged at all since I had Parker! I've spent every moment with the kid since he was born, and let me tell you.. he is very high need! He's 10 months (and 5 days!) and he still demands every single second of my time, at all times. Phew. And when he's napping, I'm trying to clean or sew! I opened up a teeny tiny little shop.. ... right now it's mostly baby items (bibs, Boppy covers, etc.), but I am moving more towards clothing soon.. and so excited about it! That's actually why I'm knocking off some of the dust over here.. I'm sewing along with the designers over on Project Run and Play! So fun, I'm really excited! It's kind of like Project Runway, but for kids clothes! All of the designers competing are really great, so inspirational. It will be fun to sew along with them each week and see what everyone makes! So stay tuned... week 1 is "pattern remix". They gave us a cute little sundress pattern, and we have to kind of, make it our own. This was really fun! I am having a little model come over this week and try the dress on so that I can hem it. Can't wait to see it actually on a little girl! I already can't imagine topping this dress with any of the other weeks. It's just. So. Pretty. Can't wait to reveal it, at the end of this week!! :)
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