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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick update!

This is going to be really short, and I'm so sorry about that, but my computer has a virus so I'm using a library computer and there are some special (smelly) people in here, so I won't be staying long! :(

So, unfortunately, our Femara/IUI cycle didn't work, despite having 200 million amazing spermies :( It was a really, really, really big disappointment.

The cycle after that, #11, ended in me getting my period as well. I thought I "relaxed" really well last cycle, so.. that was a bummer.

I've REALLY tried to relax this cycle. I went camping, I've been sleeping in and taking naps (being jobless has at least one perk!).. I've been working out again (Yoga, P90x, Jillian Michael's "Hot Bod in a Box") and drinking protein shakes, as well as taking my prenatal and drinking Red Raspberry Leaf when I think of it. I've also been using Serenity's Natural Progesterone Cream during this 2ww. Today is 7dpo. I feel the usual twinges and strange cramps, but GOD knows - that happens everything month.

A little bit on my latest research: "overactive immune systems and infertility". Someone had said in a forum that their doctor said they had this.. I thought hmm.. I've often thought, "God.. the sperm and egg MUST be meeting.. there has to be a reason why the embryo isn't implanting!" This could, essentially, answer this problem. I have a lot of auto-immune disorders in my family - Celiac's Disease, Lupus.. in essence with these conditions, your immune system acts it's self. It can also attack an embryo as a foreign object. Apparently it's a simple blood test to test your NK (natural killer) cells. The treatment would be "intralipids".. they hook you up to an IV for 90-120 minutes. From what I understand, it pumps into you the types of cells that would be in an embryo.. It's a little confusing, but it makes sense. They would do this 4-5 days before anticipated ovulation, and 4-5 weeks after a BFP. I think once I get a job and insurance again, I will look into getting this testing. It couldn't hurt.

On the job front - I had a second interview at this neat place on Friday, and I should hear something this week. Fingers crossed!

Our new house is awesome! We are SO much more relaxed here - I'm hoping that helps TTC as well.

Camping was really fun. Something about the smell of a campfire and the sounds of crickets that make for the perfect relaxing environment.

CONGRATS KITTEN!  I love you! <3 <3 <3

So, that's that. Nothing too exciting. Hopefully my computer will be fixed and I can get back to blogging soon!!

Love to all you gals! xoxo

Edited to add: I just took 4 books out of the library: Waiting for Daisy, Making Babies, Inconceivable and The Infertility Cure. I'm tired of books/articles/websites on "how to get pregnant" -- I've read them ALL! Now I'm more into books on how to deal with your infertility. :)

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