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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

26 weeks!

How far along? 26 weeks <3
Total weight gain/loss: 29.5 lbs officially.
Maternity clothes? See above.
Stretch marks? Really hoping maybe I'll get suuuper lucky and not get them on my belly. Hm.
Sleep: I've learned that if I don't eat a huge dinner, I can get pretty comfortable and get to sleep pretty quickly. I've also been pretty tired during the day. Even took a nap the other day! May be the heat, or may be that I'm slightly anemic. 

Best moment this week: Passing my GTT! 
Miss Anything? I'm just so sick of this friggin heat. 
Movement: Oh yes. Even felt a little foot the other day! 

Food cravings: Iced tea and chocolate. And fruit and Ranch dressing.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. 
Labor Signs: Nope. But lots of Braxton Hicks. So hopefully my body is at least getting ready.
Belly Button in or out? Out most of the time. 

Wedding rings on or off? Eh, it's getting harder to wear it when it's really hot and I'm swollen.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. Hot and uncomfortable, but happy.
Looking forward to: Feeling hiccups. My shower - only 6 5 4 weeks away! Finishing quilt. Finishing crochet blanket I started for him. Seeing him again on Friday. Seeing him again on Monday!

I passed my Glucose Tolerance Test - by ONE point. Has to be under 140, mine was 139. Phew! Did find out that I'm slightly anemic though, so I'm taking an additional iron supplement. 

Saw doc on Monday. He ordered an u/s to "size" Parker, as there is some concern that he is very large. People are placing bets as to how big he will be at this ultrasound:

Doug - 3 lbs
Grandma - 3.1 lbs
Erin - 3.3 lbs
Mommy - 3.5 lbs
Kerry - 4.2 lbs

(UPDATE: Parker was 3lbs, so Daddy wins!)

We'll see! I'm also hoping that the previa has moved even further away. It was 2.7cm the last we checked, which was almost 2 weeks ago. I'm hoping at LEAST 3 cm away now. 

Things are getting close!

13 days 'til breastfeeding class
18 days 'til childbirth class
23 days 'til we meet the pediatrician
25 days 'til our 3D/4D ultrasound
26 days 'til my shower!!! 

And then I will be 31 weeks pregnant. Holy cow. It's starting to get real, folks.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


So, since I've been off work, it feels like ALL I've done is craft and sew! I seriously can't stop or "relax". I feel like I have to be doing something productive at all times. And since the house is clean and organized thanks to me and my mom's diligence while Doug was on vaca, plus I'm not allowed to really clean or "do" too much anyways, I've been doing project after project for Parker!

I've made 2 changing pad covers (one is yellow elephants, the other is the green minky & the blue animal print):

2 boppy covers:

the "P is for Parker" print:

the fabric wrapped P:

and my latest and greatest creation, a stacked coin quilt:

I am really proud of the quilt, even though it's NOWHERE near perfect. But I learned a lot! I am on the lookout for some cute fabric to make the next one.. I'm thinking a Halloween one and a Christmas one ( has adorable fabrics for both):

I am still working on the puff quilt (just need to hand sew the binding):

And a crochet blanket (need more yarn):

And my next projects are a diaper/wipes case (ordered the CUTEST fabric for this):

And a swaddler (on the lookout for fabric for this).

I'm hoping I have enough projects to last me at least until our busy time starts - August 11th we have a bunch of parties, the 13th is the breastfeeding class, and the 18th is our childbirth class. The following weekend is our 3D/4D sonogram and my baby shower! I also plan on doing a maternity shoot and possibly a Babymoon sometime after that..

After the shower, at least I'll be busy organizing all the stuff we get and washing his clothes, etc. And then it won't be too much longer 'til he's here! I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel!

26w3d <3

Monday, July 23, 2012

Updated to-do.

So the to-do list is getting lost down there in my blog posts, and I've been referring to it still. So I figured I'd post it again. 

In the nursery:

1. Paint above where chair rail will go blue.
2. Touch up the trim. (Daddy REALLY needs to get on this!!)
3. Purchase, cut, paint and hang chair rail.
4. Put together the crib.
5. Hang his name decal.
6. Acquire changing table/dresser combo and assemble.
7. Print & buy wall art for collage wall, frames (Uncle Dano) and hang.
8. Hang shelf, bookshelves and shelf with hooks.

To make:

1. Crib sheet. (Purchasing instead.)
2. Crib skirt (gray chevron - possibly buying this one off Etsy). Purchased off Etsy!
3. Curtains (white w/ blue piping OR possibly buy at Target). Purchasing from Target!
4. Fleece blankets. He has enough blankets lol.
5. Crochet blankey. (Almost done, need more yarn!)
6. Amigurumi Elephant (1/2 done!) (Will probably give up on.)
7. Puff quilt. (Just needs binding!)
8. Yarn wrapped "P".
9. Stacker.
10. Work on his baby books. (I'm caught up thanks to Snapfish.)
11. Changing pad covers.
12. Stacked coin quilt.

Hospital stuff:

1. Birth class/tour - Saturday, August 18th, 9-5.
2. Pack hospital bag.
3. Pre-register at hospital.
4. Call insurance company.
5. Arrange doggy care for while in hospital?
6. Write up birth plan.
7. Breastfeeding class - Monday, August 13th, 6-9:30pm.

After baby comes stuff (to be done before baby is here - Erin! lol):

1. Schedule newborn photo shoot (first 10 days).
2. Install car seat.
3. Thank you cards.
4. Choose pediatrician.
5. Figure out daycare arrangements.
6. Purchase breastfeeding supplies - look into lactation consultant?

Fun stuff:

1. Baby shower - August 26th.
2. Vacation - June 29th - July 9th. No vaca for Kelly! This will be nesting/cleaning time.
3. Baby moon.
4. Maternity shoot.
5. Massage/pedicure - hopefully for my birthday (late September), from Doug!
6. August 25th - Baby's Bungalow 3D/4D ultrasound!! <3


1. Clean, clean, clean the house and organize!
2. Shampoo nursery carpets.
3. Dust nursery (once all set up).
4. Wash all bedding in nursery (as well as rug, curtains, etc.).
5. Do all baby laundry - clothes, hats, socks, blankets, etc.
6. Purchase leftover registry necessities.
7. Wash all bottles, pacifiers, etc.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

25 weeks!

How far along? 25 weeks <3
Total weight gain/loss: Looks like 25 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Indeed.
Stretch marks? Unfortunately.
Sleep: I want to sleep, but can't get comfortable. And getting up to pee every hour seriously inhibits me from feeling rested in the morning. Sucks!

Best moment this week: Finding out Parker was okay, even after a big scare on Saturday.
Miss Anything? Sleeping comfortably throughout the night. 
Movement: He hasn't been as active lately.. I swear he's running out of room even though last week the ultrasound tech said he had tons of room in there.

Food cravings: Cherry Coke, ice cream, apple juice, Smores.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. 
Labor Signs: Nope. Thank goodness, let's keep it that way.
Belly Button in or out? It's getting close to being OUT for good.

Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. A bit nervous, but happy. 

Looking forward to: 3D ultrasound. Feeling hiccups. My shower - only 6 5 weeks away! Concerts next week! (Weezer was super fun!) Getting the changing table in and set up! Finishing quilt. Finishing crochet blanket I started for him. Seeing him again on Friday.

Soo, Parker wasn't that active on Friday. I got a bit worried a few times, but I listened to his heart twice and he was fine. Doug convinced me I was just being paranoid. Maybe he was sleeping, or growing, or just in a position where I couldn't feel him as good. 

Saturday, I just wasn't feeling good. I drove to Joann Fabrics and almost passed out in the car. NOT fun. I came home to just relax. And started spotting. I freaked out. Text Doug, told him he needed to come home immediately. Called the doc. While I waited to hear back from him I packed a bag (luckily for me I had made an "emergency hospital bag" list.. if I hadn't of had that, I would have walked around the house aimlessly putting random shit into a bag). Doc had told me if I bled after 24 weeks, it would probably buy me a few days in the hospital. So I wanted to have a few things, just in case. While I was packing this bag, I started cramping. So I stopped, chugged a bunch of water and sat down and put my feet up.

Doug got home (in record time), and we still hadn't heard from doc. I knew he would tell us to go to the hospital, so we left. He called when we were in route and directed us to a different hospital than I was planning on giving birth at. Reason being, if Parker was coming at that moment, this other hospital was better prepared to deal with a "24 weeker", as the doctor called him. We headed there. When I hung up with the doc, I started crying. I couldn't imagine him coming so early.

At the hospital everyone was SUPER nice, and everything went really fast. They hooked me up to monitors - one to read his heartbeat, one to read mine, and one to monitor any contractions I might be having. Both of our hearts were fine, and I wasn't having contractions. I gave a urine sample, they did a pap smear and the nurse checked my cervix - long and closed. They did a biophysical profile - P passed with flying colors.

No reason for the spotting. Was it from the placenta moving? No one knew. My doctor, who they were consulting with on the phone, said for them to give me a betamethasone shot - a steroid that would help prepare Parker's lungs in case this was an indication that he was going to come early. I got it in the butt and didn't even flinch.

He also said that if I wasn't contracting and I felt comfortable - I could go home. So I did. I did NOT want to stay at this hospital. Good for preemies, not so nice for mommies. They told me if anything else were to happen, to come back. But otherwise to call my doc on Monday and go see him. 

Saw doc Monday. No real explanation as to what happened. Baby looks fine, he said. Sent me to the hospital for 2nd steroid shot. Parker's lungs are officially developed, which is odd to think about, but also comforting. He also scheduled me for another ultrasound, biophysical profile and nonstress test for Friday. I'm excited to get to see my boy again, and hoping he does really well in the tests, as I'm sure he will. 

Was a scary night. Glad Parker is okay. Hope he plans on staying in there for quite a while still, as uncomfortable as I am. 

VERY much looking forward to my shower - about 5 weeks away! Invitations sent out. Soooo cute. My mom is really excited too. 

So far I've made 2 changing pad covers, 1 fabric wrapped letter... the puff quilt is 6x5 and needs to be 8x8  before I can do the border, backing and binding... and I've started a super bulky, soft crochet blanket for him. It's adorable. I can't stop crafting!! 

I'm behind on my chalkboard pics. Gonna have to catch up on that. That's about it for now! 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Some pics.

About to go to a fancy dinner! (I don't even look preg from the front!)

There's that belly!! Just shy of 25 weeks.

First naked belly shot! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Random thoughts!

So first of all, why do I watch A Baby Story? It makes me cry EVERY single time! For completely different reasons than it used to. Now, I just can't WAIT to meet our baby boy. Literally my heart hurts and I miss him, and I haven't even met him yet! I just can't wait to hold him. It's an indescribable feeling, this desire.

Secondly, thanks to Michelle, I made my maternity book on Snapfish! I have TWO maternity books - one I bought, and one Erin bought.. I still might work on those, but transferring pics and info from my updates here to Snapfish was SO much easier than printing pics out and writing info into the 2 books. Plus, again, thanks to Michelle, I have a coupon code! So it shouldn't be too pricey.

Daddy and I are excited about Weezer tonight! Baby's second concert!

Daddy put together the changing table/dresser last night. OMG. I had read reviews that it was HUGE and tall, that it took FOREVER to put together, and that it was cheaply made. The first two - TRUE. The thing is massive. And very tall, although Doug thinks it's the perfect height. It took him 3.5 hours ("It'll take me 45 minutes, tops, watch." *Snicker*) to put it together. It had MILLIONS of pieces and brackets and hooks and nails and screws. I've never seen anything like it. BUT - it looks awesome. And definitely NOT cheaply made. That thing is sturdy and well built. Doug could climb on it lol. It weighs a TON. It's gorgeous. I can't wait to add all the details on the room, now that the furniture is in!!

I haven't worked on the baby quilt much. Since Doug's been home, I've just been enjoying his company. I am starting the changing pad cover though. That shouldn't take long.

I also started my hospital bag list. Since the doc changed my placenta previa to just a low lying placenta (yay!!!), I'm not so worried that I'm going to start bleeding and we're going to have to pack a bag and GO. But I still want to be prepared, JIC. I have a list of stuff we'd need to grab, and a list of important phone numbers (doctor, hospital, my mom).

My shower is in 6 weeks - cue shocked face. Time FLIES. I am starting to gather addresses - must send out invites soon!! In fact, gotta make sure my registry is done and finalized, omg. Good call, self.

Oh, P.S. - the before and after of the infamous table!!

That's about all I have for now!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

24 weeks!!!!!!

How far along? 24 weeks <3
Total weight gain/loss: About 24 lbs, but I will find out "officially" today at my doc's appt. 
Maternity clothes? Oh yes. I just bought 2 pairs of comfy shorts.. they're kinda booty shorts on me, which I DON'T like, but they are soo comfy. And a couple new (long!) tanks. 
Stretch marks? Yes. They're such an unfortunate part of this beautiful new body :(
Sleep: I love sleep.

Best moment this week: Seeing Parker's GORGEOUS face yesterday. He is seriously the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I think he looks like his brother, Mason. But he has my long fingers! (Daddy pointed out that he has long fingers too, but I need this one thing, darn it!)
Miss Anything? Last night while watching a movie, I couldn't get comfortable to save my life. I hope that's not a new thing. I have too long to go to not be able to get comfortable already!
Movement: He is VERY active!! At the 24 week ultrasound, she remarked that he was very active.

Food cravings: Cherry Coke and ice cream. Super healthy ;)
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. 
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? We're officially starting to poke out! Holy cow! 

Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Stressed out, but very happy.

Looking forward to: 3D ultrasound. Feeling hiccups. My shower - only 7 6 weeks away! Doug coming home in 4 days. Spending the day with him on Monday. Getting our new couch. Concerts next week! (We skipped the Sublime concert - too far :( But are going to Weezer on Friday!!) Getting the changing table in and set up (should be here today!). Finishing up projects this weekend (our room, the kitchen, the dresser, the table, painting). Finishing quilt. VIABILITY in 5 days!! What an amazing milestone that was!! <3

Our appointment was good. The previa is 2.2cm away from cervix - they like to see it at least 2cm away. She (the tech) said it used to be complete, so it does appear to be moving in the right direction! Also, his kidney looks good (there was some concern at one point). And the "eccentric" placenta looks fine - it is 6cm away from the edge - again, they like to see it at least 2cm away. So that's fine, the doc will just have to be aware when he's delivering the placenta. 

She called Parker a "chunker"!! At 24 weeks he is already 1lb 13oz - just shy of 2 lbs! He is measuring TEN days early!! No wonder I'm huge!! She also commented that I have a lot of fluid - and he has "a lot of room to swim around", she said. She did say she'd be interested in the results of my glucose tolerance test. Apparently GD can cause excess fluid. And from what I'm reading, it can also cause bigger babies. Uh oh. I have that in 2 weeks... I guess we'll see! 

I lost my job on Friday. Doug was still out of town. It was a very stressful (to say the least) day. I need to look into jobs and insurance. I can't believe I'm in this spot again. It really sucks. 

But I'm happy that my little boy looks good (and big!), and I'm getting so excited to meet him! <3

Thursday, July 5, 2012

23 weeks!!

How far along? 23 weeks <3
Total weight gain/loss: Looks like 24 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yep. I need to get out and get some comfy shorts - I've been wearing Doug's boxers around the house. And some more tanks/shirts - my non-maternity stuff is getting too short already.  
Stretch marks? Yes on my boobs, and I am so so so dreading them on my belly :(
Sleep: No problem falling asleep. Problems getting out of bed in the morning lol.

Best moment this week: Working on P's quilt! I am so so proud of myself. 
Miss Anything? Not really. 
Movement: Yep! It's amazing. Grandma got to feel him (first person besides me), which was really cool and exciting, and I've been able to SEE him move now a lot of the time, which is super cool and creepy at the same time lol! 

Food cravings:  Still fruit and salads with Ranch dressing. And chocolate.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope. 
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? Pretty flat. So ugly - brown and yellow. Ick.

Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. But no tolerance - people annoy me ten times worse now that I'm pregnant than they did before.

Looking forward to: 3D ultrasound. Feeling hiccups. My shower - only 7 weeks away! Doug coming home in 4 days. Spending the day with him on Monday. Getting our new couch. Concerts next week! Getting the changing table in (Tues/Wed) and set up. Finishing up projects this weekend (our room, the kitchen, the dresser, the table, painting). Finishing quilt. VIABILITY in 5 days!! <3

Monday, July 2, 2012

Nursery stuffs.

Update on the nursery and what still needs to be done:

1. STILL need to do the cutting in around the ceiling.
2. Need to paint the rod for the closet and the little shelf.
3. Closet - need to get/install the wire pull-out basket, get/install some hooks and install the 2nd shelf.
4. Need to get the shelf with hooks and hang.
5. Buy the "Before I Knew You" Etsy print.
6. Buy the corner shelves.
7. Buy the adorable green octopus.
8. Tint Mason jars, wrap in twine and a white ribbon, and add stones (once written on by shower guests).
9. Wrap P in fabric.
10. Get (breathable) crib bumper and crib sheet.
11. Make yellow pillow with piping (and possibly add a P).
12. Buy robot pillow and robot wall decal.
13. Buy curtains.
14. Buy Ikea spice racks (to paint white and use as bookshelves).
15. Hang "P is for Parker" art print.
16. Get changing pad and make changing pad covers.
17. Get changing table/dresser.
18. Buy Chevron basket from Etsy.
19. Buy remaining art prints (except for 1 and 2, which will need to wait until after we know his birthday!).
20. Receive frames from Uncle Dano for collage wall!
21. Buy rug (light blue).
22. Finish P's "bug" quilt.

So much done - still a LOT to do! Just so I feel SOMEWHAT accomplished - here's what I've done so far:

1. Painted above the chair rail blue.
2. Purchased, painted, cut and hung the chair rail.
3. Painted the closet white.
4. Purchased and set up crib with mattress.
5. Purchased, ironed and added crib skirt.
6. Bought cutest sock monkey ever.
7. Bought cutest chair ever!
8. Added vintage touches - blankets from my Grandma and Doug's Grandma, and my Grandma's old rocking horse.
9. Added his name decal above the crib.
10. Purchased and started cutting fabric for puff quilt.

It's a good thing I still have 17 weeks!!


This weekend I was one BUSY little preggo. And now, I am one TIRED little preggo!

My mom (and brother) and I accomplished a TON on my list, including some that weren't even on there - like buying two new tires (to the tune of $352.36 - yuck!) and buying a new COUCH! Omg, you don't even know how happy this makes me.

Here's what we did, with some before and after pics. Kind of embarrassing, but I can blame most of the mess on Doug, so it's okay ;)

1. Mason's room – Label his drawers. Add books to bookshelf.

2. Our room – Organize. Toss the TV stand. Put speakers in attic. Paint dresser.

3. Laundry – Bedding, bath rugs, toilet seat covers, etc.

4. Curtains – Wash/iron and hang on windows/sliding glass doors. Get rod - $10 @ Target.

5. Hall closet – Clean out! ($ store baskets, soup cans, Kleenex boxes.)

7. Wrapping paper etc. – Condense and find a new place for it.

8. Bathroom – Clean out closet. Put pre-pregnancy clothes in attic. Give shower a good scrub. 
($ store baskets, soup cans, Kleenex boxes.)

9. Kitchen – Clean out/organize cupboards. Donate what we won't use. Organize Tupperware. Give the fridge/freezer a good clean down too. Clean out cleaning products (shoe organizer in hall closet – if at $ store.)

10. 2nd hall closet – Add hooks to hang purses.

11. Shampoo carpets. (Still wanna do some more though.)

12. Dust, vacuum, Windex, wipe walls, clean baseboards, etc.


14. Little living room – Organize DVDs (Nestable @ Target - $18.95, 45 DVDs; 20 DVD sleeve – Target $7). Organize sewing stuff. Clean out closet - Christmas stuff in attic, etc. New dimmer switch. PS3 games in big living room TV stand.

15. Doug's bathroom – Put up toilet paper holder. Stock his cupboard with towels, washcloths, soap, etc. Give shower a good scrub.  Re-purpose the little basket and toss the books. Put toys in $ store shower caddy. (Done, except my brother needs to scrub the floor of the shower for me. He's gonna love that lol.)

16. PAPERWORK! Organize it into the filing cabinet.

17. Add scrapbook paper to Doug’s mail bins for the "in-between" time of paperwork. Get magnets ($ store).

18. Paint: DVD stand, TV stand, dresser, table, nursery cutting in, rod, shelf, and living room.

I plan on doing the painting of the furniture tonight and tomorrow night (prime tonight, paint tomorrow?). That way on July 4th, someone (My brother? Jason? My parents?) can come over and move the items into the house. If not, at least this week so that by the weekend someone can.

The painting of the living room will happen this weekend - need my brother's help with that for sure (moving furniture, doing near the carpet, etc.)

Still need to get a bookshelf for Mason's room, and print out the drawer labels. 

My mom is going to help me with the kitchen. It's the thing I'm least looking forward to lol. It's not dirty, just.. disorganized. Tupperware jammed in.. cupboards stuffed with crap we don't need, etc. 

The shampooing the carpets was GROSS - they were BLACK. Like, ew!! I did the "trouble spots", except for a spill in our bedroom. But I still wanna do the rest of the house. And then, when it's closer to him coming, the baby's room. 

Still need to get a DVD rack for little living room, and a new dimmer switch. Also will need to get handles for dresser (2 big, 4 small, and knobs..)

After all is said and done - my mom will help me dust, vacuum, etc. And of course there's the paperwork. Yuck. That can always get done at any time though. It's not like it's out and visible and ugly, really. 

So, here is the updated list of what needs to be done:

1. Mason's room – Label his drawers. Add books to bookshelf.

2. Our room – Organize. 

3. Kitchen – Clean out/organize cupboards. Donate what we won't use. Organize Tupperware. Give the fridge/freezer a good clean down too. 

4 . Shampoo the rest of the carpets.

5. Dust, vacuum, Windex, wipe walls, clean baseboards, etc.

6. Little living room – Organize DVDs (Nestable @ Target - $18.95, 45 DVDs; 20 DVD sleeve – Target $7). New dimmer switch.

7. Scrub Doug's shower floor.

8. PAPERWORK! Organize it into the filing cabinet. 

9. Add scrapbook paper to Doug’s mail bins for the "in-between" time of paperwork. Get magnets ($ store).

10. Paint: Dresser, table, nursery cutting in, rod, shelf, and living room.

Highly condensed! I'm so happy! And now for some pictures!

Fridge before.

Fridge after.

Bathroom closet before.

Bathroom closet after.

Hall closet before.

Hall closet afters.

Large hall closet before.

Big hall closet after - all my crafting stuff fits!

Computer/crafting area befores.

Computer/crafting area afters.

New couch! (Still in store. Doug's gotta pick up when he gets home.)

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