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Monday, July 2, 2012

Nursery stuffs.

Update on the nursery and what still needs to be done:

1. STILL need to do the cutting in around the ceiling.
2. Need to paint the rod for the closet and the little shelf.
3. Closet - need to get/install the wire pull-out basket, get/install some hooks and install the 2nd shelf.
4. Need to get the shelf with hooks and hang.
5. Buy the "Before I Knew You" Etsy print.
6. Buy the corner shelves.
7. Buy the adorable green octopus.
8. Tint Mason jars, wrap in twine and a white ribbon, and add stones (once written on by shower guests).
9. Wrap P in fabric.
10. Get (breathable) crib bumper and crib sheet.
11. Make yellow pillow with piping (and possibly add a P).
12. Buy robot pillow and robot wall decal.
13. Buy curtains.
14. Buy Ikea spice racks (to paint white and use as bookshelves).
15. Hang "P is for Parker" art print.
16. Get changing pad and make changing pad covers.
17. Get changing table/dresser.
18. Buy Chevron basket from Etsy.
19. Buy remaining art prints (except for 1 and 2, which will need to wait until after we know his birthday!).
20. Receive frames from Uncle Dano for collage wall!
21. Buy rug (light blue).
22. Finish P's "bug" quilt.

So much done - still a LOT to do! Just so I feel SOMEWHAT accomplished - here's what I've done so far:

1. Painted above the chair rail blue.
2. Purchased, painted, cut and hung the chair rail.
3. Painted the closet white.
4. Purchased and set up crib with mattress.
5. Purchased, ironed and added crib skirt.
6. Bought cutest sock monkey ever.
7. Bought cutest chair ever!
8. Added vintage touches - blankets from my Grandma and Doug's Grandma, and my Grandma's old rocking horse.
9. Added his name decal above the crib.
10. Purchased and started cutting fabric for puff quilt.

It's a good thing I still have 17 weeks!!


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