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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Gray desk!!

Dork. I am a dork. This is how much of a dork I have become. I can't sleep because I am so excited about the following.

Ever since we moved into our house a year ago, I have wanted a long, narrow desk/console for our entry way. I have browsed Craiglist once in a while. I have looked at DIY's (like this tutorial on how to make your own desk from a door and 2 bookshelves for only $60). But the ones on CL were never quite right. And the DIY one is too big.

I've always admired this desk/console from It was cute before, but I LOVE the after:

And fiiiiinally today, while just randomly browsing Craiglist - I FOUND IT! The perfect desk!! It looks soo much like the one from Jen's project, except longer, which is exactly what I need for the space!

Here's a pic of it, still at the woman's house:

My stepdad is so kind as to take me over there on Friday so we can throw it in the back of his Subaru "wagon". I am SO so so excited.

And now to pick out the perfect coat of paint! The 3 large frames that hang above it are black. And there is a black TV stand in the room. But I don't want to paint it boring black. I'm thinking gray, but paint the drawer black to tie it in. And as for the knobs - I would never pick out glass knobs, but I love how they look on Jen's  desk above, so I'm thinking I'll do that!

Here are some gray desks for color inspiration:

Martha Stewart - Schoolhouse Slate

And I like these knobs from Home Depot:

I am soooooo excited! We'll be painting a LOT while Doug's gone:

This desk (gray/black).
The dresser (black) that is going in our bedroom (to hold Doug's cluttered clothes! - free, from my mom, and it matches my dresser.. or, it will once it gets a coat of black paint and some brushed chrome knobs).
Our ugly DVD stand (black).
The TV stand (black).
The living room (tan).
The cutting in by the ceiling in the baby's room (blue).
The closet rod for the baby's room (white).
A shelf for the baby's room (white).

Doug is going to be SHOCKED when he sees how awesome our house looks! I am sooooo excited!

There are really no words for what a dork I am.

P.S. Also, I am so excited to have a new surface to put things! lol.. I'm going to try out another of Jen's favorite things - trays! Perhaps one of these cheap, cute ones from Target:

Or maybe I'll DIY like she did in this post.

And I'm also going to paint some of my Mason jars and/or glass vases to decorate the top.

Can't wait! :)


Maria said...

Can't wait to start seeing some Before and After pics!

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