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Saturday, June 2, 2012


I am ADDICTED to consignment sales. I've been to 2 plus one consignment shop. I was iffy on them, until I went to ones geared towards babies. A HUGE majority of the stuff is BRAND new! I guess a lot of times babies grow so fast that they don't get to wear outfits at all, or only a few times.

So my mom and I went to one today and got a HUGE lot of stuff. I am just LOVING going in his room and seeing all of his belongings. It's sooo neat and fun and makes me sooo happy. Like I can be having the worst day and walk in there and see all of his adorable little clothes and be instantly calmed and happy.

Here's the lot we got today for around $30:

Not a single item has a stain - I made sure of that. The vest/long-sleeved onsie/pants on the left are SO so so cute. The cuteness does not come out in this pic. The black flannel looking long-sleeved onsie is so cute. The aviator jacket is to die for. Of course more books! And.....

I got his first pair of shoes!!!!!!!! Little tiny brown "Chucks" - doesn't look like they've ever been worn. For only $2.00. Are you kidding me? That makes me so happy, because he will probably only be able to wear them for 2 seconds, and they would be like $20 or $30 at LEAST at the stores. Love it. So cute. And will go with a lot of his outfits.

His closet is getting pretty full! Notice all the folded outfits on top!

We'll be adding another shelf on top of that one, and then these two items as well for more storage in an impossibly small closet.

For below the bar, but with enough room to put stuff under it as well.

Which I will cut in half to make fit and hang for onsies, socks, etc.

I think I've researched and planned a pretty good usage of the small space.

Oh! And Daddy bought his first Parker clothing! 8 adorable onsies at Target.

You know which one I love best!


I'm very excited to be almost halfway to meeting this little man. <3


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