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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer cleaning!

So, since Doug doesn't really read my blog (I know, right?! wtf lol), I feel fairly safe posting this here.

He and Mason will be gone for 9 days to Vegas/Cali and since my PP diagnosis, I will not be going.

I've decided to make the best of being "stuck" at home alone. I'm going to do a HUGE summer cleaning! I'm talking a purge session. A clean the baseboards, shampoo the carpets, deep nitty-gritty, organize the tupperware type clean. And I'm SO excited about it (I know, what a weirdo).

I want the house to be super duper clean, clutter free and organized when Doug gets home. Obviously this would be a MUCH better present if he were doing it for me lol, but he will still be happy and grateful, as he hates clutter yet hates cleaning lol.

My mom and brother are going to help me - my mom is super duper good at cleaning and organizing, and my brother can be the muscles for putting things up in the attic etc. He will also come in handy with the next thing I want to surprise Doug with...

I want to have the nursery set up! Not 100%, because some of the things I want for it are a bit pricey and I can't afford it all in 3 weeks. BUT a lot more set up than it is now. My brother will come in handy because he can put together the changing table (that I've read is NOT easy to assemble). The crib skirt will also be on as well as a crib sheet. The closet will be set up (I think/hope - wire hanging basket, "shoe" organizer, 2nd shelf and hooks) and curtains. Possibly rug as well...

So, in my normal fashion, here I am blogging my "to do" list for this crazy cleaning session! (I love lists!)

1. Mason's room - I have been desperately wanting to CLEAN OUT that boy's room for a long long long time. Well, the time has come! I am going to go through it, donate anything he doesn't play with (which is a LOT!), go through his clothes and box up what's in good condition that we can save for Parker, and organize his drawers. I want to label his drawers with these:

Doug's also going to get this bookshelf @ Walmart, free ship to store, for $30.

^^DONE! All that needs to be done is re-arranging, dusting, labeling drawers and getting the bookshelf! Doug bought a loft bed with drawers and a bookshelf. I don't really like it, but it's his kid's room, so it's his choice! I will add the books and clothes to it, and dust it when it gets set up.

2. Our room - Doug's clothes seriously have taken over the room. He gave a BUNCH to charity last week and our room is still crazy full of his crap. I want to go through and do some organizing in here as well. Oh, and have brother toss the TV stand (that we're not using since we bought a flat screen!) and put the speakers in the attic. --ETA: I want to get another dresser and put it where the TV stand was. That should help with the clothing dilemma!

3. Laundry - bedding, bath rugs, toilet seat covers, etc.

4. Curtains - we have a closet full of curtains. I'd like to get some up on the windows!

5. Hang curtains on the sliding glass to keep the sun out.

6. Hall closet - NIGHTMARE. This is like a junk cabinet, except it's a closet. Clean out! (Makes room for baby bedding?)

7. Wrapping paper etc. - condense and find a new place for it. Perhaps in the newly cleaned out hall closet?

8. Bathroom - clean out closet (make room for baby meds, baby bath products, etc.) Put pre-pregnancy clothes in attic. Give shower a good scrub.

9. Kitchen - clean out cupboards. Donate what we won't use (and is still good) to pantry. Organize tupperware (Crappy? No lid? Toss it.). (Makes room for baby bottles, etc.) Give the fridge/freezer a good clean down too. Clean out cleaning products. Organize all cupboards.

10. 2nd hall closet - get rid of shoes we don't wear, etc.

11. Shampoo carpets.

12. Dust, vacuum, wipe walls, clean baseboards, etc.

13. BUY A BIG KITCHEN GARBAGE CAN. (Seriously why haven't we done this yet?) I like this one from Walmart.

14. Little living room - organize DVDs (new DVD stand - Walmart $30). Organize sewing stuff. Clean out closet - Christmas stuff in attic, etc.

15. Doug's bathroom - put up toilet paper holder (I don't care if he doesn't want me to, lol, I want to.) Stock his cupboard with towels, washcloths, soap, etc. Give shower a good scrub. (Does he really need those books in there? If he hasn't touched them since we moved in, re-purpose the little basket and toss the books.)

16. PAPERWORK! We have stacks and cupboards and drawers and folders of the stuff. Organize it - get it into the filing cabinet and OUT of kitchen cabinets!

17. Make add fabric to cute little mail bins for the "in-between" time of paperwork.

Sounds like an all day project for 3 people! Perhaps 2 days. I love my family for helping! :)

My nesting is obviously in full swing lol and I can't wait to start! They leave in 3 weeks. House should be SPARKLY and clutter free and with LOTS of room for baby stuff by the time they get home! <3


Maria said...

I love this post. It makes me anxious to do some organizing myself! It's funny that I also day dream about how much cleaning I can get done when I'm home alone. :)

Kelly Jean said...

We are so alike! I am seriously overridden with giddyness and counting down until they leave lol. Such a dork!

Maria said...

Just saw that you updated. The labels are adorbs! I actually hand drew some for Mac's stuff. All his drawers are labeled. There is a sign over his toys, one by his books, etc. etc.

The labels will be really helpful in so many ways!

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