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Monday, June 25, 2012

Quilting fun!

So, I was concerned about making a quilt for Parker because although it "seemed" easy, I know that it's not. And what I admire most about quilts is the beautiful, intricate stitching on the top. But I have NO idea how to do that. I can sew a straight line - that's about it (lol).

So, I found a great solution! Puff quilts! (Tutorial here.)

You simply cut out a 5" square of fabric and a 4" square of fabric. Lay the smaller square down on top of the bigger square (both right sides in) and sew 3 sides. Turn right sides out and stuff.

You do this about a billion times, and come up with all these little squares:

You then sew all the squares together, and there you have the front of your quilt! Some people don't add binding or backing, but I think it looks better with it.

I am SO excited to get the fabric in from These are the fabrics for Parker's puff quilt:

Bugs!! I think they're sooo cute. And perfect for a little boy. I also love the color palette of gray, green, blue and orange. I'm thinking I'm going to do an orange minky backing and binding to really make the orange pop. These fabrics are from Michael Miller's Backyard Baby collection.


Maria said...

Oh my gosh so cute! I can't wait to see the finished product. You're making me wish I had been more crafty while I was pregnant!

Maybe that can be the special and different thing about a second baby. I can do the things I didn't do with Mac!

Erin+Josh said...

that's freaking awesome! So do you have a sewing machine?? I don't, but I want to do this, can't wait to see yours!

Kelly Jean said...

I do, indeed, have a sewing machine. It was my Grandma's (she's still alive, just doesn't use it anymore). It's been giving me TONS of trouble this year for some reason. Last year I sewed like a mad woman. Not sure what the problem is. So far in the past few days I've been unable to change the foot, and my bobbin thread has been looping like crazy. SO frustrating. But hopefully I'll work out the kinks and be able to make this beautiful quilt! Mimi - it's never too late! You can still make Mac stuff! Especially now that you know his tastes/preferences/sizes! I made Mason a pair of Green Hornet shorts last summer. He still loves them.

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