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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Quick update!

This is going to be really short, and I'm so sorry about that, but my computer has a virus so I'm using a library computer and there are some special (smelly) people in here, so I won't be staying long! :(

So, unfortunately, our Femara/IUI cycle didn't work, despite having 200 million amazing spermies :( It was a really, really, really big disappointment.

The cycle after that, #11, ended in me getting my period as well. I thought I "relaxed" really well last cycle, so.. that was a bummer.

I've REALLY tried to relax this cycle. I went camping, I've been sleeping in and taking naps (being jobless has at least one perk!).. I've been working out again (Yoga, P90x, Jillian Michael's "Hot Bod in a Box") and drinking protein shakes, as well as taking my prenatal and drinking Red Raspberry Leaf when I think of it. I've also been using Serenity's Natural Progesterone Cream during this 2ww. Today is 7dpo. I feel the usual twinges and strange cramps, but GOD knows - that happens everything month.

A little bit on my latest research: "overactive immune systems and infertility". Someone had said in a forum that their doctor said they had this.. I thought hmm.. I've often thought, "God.. the sperm and egg MUST be meeting.. there has to be a reason why the embryo isn't implanting!" This could, essentially, answer this problem. I have a lot of auto-immune disorders in my family - Celiac's Disease, Lupus.. in essence with these conditions, your immune system acts it's self. It can also attack an embryo as a foreign object. Apparently it's a simple blood test to test your NK (natural killer) cells. The treatment would be "intralipids".. they hook you up to an IV for 90-120 minutes. From what I understand, it pumps into you the types of cells that would be in an embryo.. It's a little confusing, but it makes sense. They would do this 4-5 days before anticipated ovulation, and 4-5 weeks after a BFP. I think once I get a job and insurance again, I will look into getting this testing. It couldn't hurt.

On the job front - I had a second interview at this neat place on Friday, and I should hear something this week. Fingers crossed!

Our new house is awesome! We are SO much more relaxed here - I'm hoping that helps TTC as well.

Camping was really fun. Something about the smell of a campfire and the sounds of crickets that make for the perfect relaxing environment.

CONGRATS KITTEN!  I love you! <3 <3 <3

So, that's that. Nothing too exciting. Hopefully my computer will be fixed and I can get back to blogging soon!!

Love to all you gals! xoxo

Edited to add: I just took 4 books out of the library: Waiting for Daisy, Making Babies, Inconceivable and The Infertility Cure. I'm tired of books/articles/websites on "how to get pregnant" -- I've read them ALL! Now I'm more into books on how to deal with your infertility. :)


Erin+Josh said...

So the auto-immune stuff is really interesting. I really feel like my IBS was hampering our chances too, and when the accupuncturist brought it up, he said that my body was busy attacking my digestive system and not thinking about conception! He put me on those supplements for the IBS and i cut dairy and wow, ... such a weird coincidence!

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