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Friday, July 15, 2011

A ha!

Just a few quick things.

I had a phone interview today. Really hoping that the actual interview (Monday) goes well. I need a job. SO. Bad. :( I've literally applied to 25 jobs this week alone. And got ONE phone call, finally. That's crazy. And they are jobs that my skill set matches perfectly - that just goes to show you the volume of people that are applying to these jobs! I've been working on making my cover letter/resume stand out from the crowd. Which is hard, if you don't know what the crowd's resumes look like lol.

Regardless of my massive amounts of relaxing last cycle.. BFN. My cycle was long - like 33 or 34 days. Which means I either ovulated late (CD19), or the progesterone cream I was using lengthened my cycle = progesterone cream out the window. I spotted for 3 days, so I knew AF was coming. I just wanted her to hurry the heck up and get here so I could start a new cycle. Cycle #13. Hopefully LUCKY #13. Hopefully our last cycle ever.

I learned a lot from the Making Babies book. It's a 3 month plan, which for me entails:

Quitting smoking
Drinking more water
Protein shakes
Exercising appropriately per cycle phase
Eating more fruits & veggies
Eating less fried, fatty foods
Drinking less fruit juices with refined sugar
Visualization and self-massage
(And then some)

I also have a LONG list of tests I want run as soon as I get insurance.

A few weeks ago I participated in Mutual of Omaha's "A ha" Moment Tour. Basically these amazing people travel around the U.S. in an RV, taping people's "a ha" moments - moments that changed their lives.

It was really fun. It felt great to get my story out there. I felt like I was speaking for all of us. Here's my clip:

I was talking about (BBC) as the "community" I mentioned, and a good friend of mine from there as my inspiration. :)

I'm thinking of that good friend today. :( :(

I also just signed up to be a Moderator on my friend Amanda's awesome website. Check it out for sure!

Currently CD6 and excited to get healthy this month and GET PREGNANT!
4/15/12 sounds good to me. <3


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