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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Breakfast talk.

This weekend Mason's little friend Bella slept over. A very interesting conversation arose while they were eating breakfast.

Doug was in the shower, but I could hear the conversation from another room. Bella was asking Mason why his parents don't live together. She's 7 and her parents have been together since (obviously) before she was born.

Mason couldn't grasp what she was asking. To him (Doug & his ex split up when Mason was 1), it's just normal - Mommy lives with Ian (her boyfriend), and Daddy lives with me.

Bella kept pushing.. "I know your mom lives with Ian and your dad lives with Kelly, but why? Why don't they live together?" Mason was getting very confused, and in his own way was trying to say that at Mommy's house, Ian is his dad-figure, and at Daddy's house, Kelly is the mom-figure.

So I decided to interject and clear things up for them both. I did my best with a very touchy and slightly confusing subject.

I walked up behind Mason (who was sitting in his chair) and put my hands on his shoulders.

"Mason's Mommy and Daddy decided that they didn't want to be together anymore. Mason's Mom wanted to be with Ian, and his Dad wants to be with me. So Mason has TWO sets of parents that love him very, very much!"

Mason looked up at me and smiled, and I kissed his forehead. Then I walked over to Bella, who was looking slightly dejected that she didn't get two sets of parents, and took her face in my hands.

"And YOUR parents love each other and you SO much that they're going to be together FOREVER! So you're very lucky too!"

She smiled and giggled and I kissed her forehead.

Crisis averted. Everyone's happy. :)

Here's a picture of the little cuties.

Also, as far as my to-do list goes, I can already change a few things:

1. Take Matilda to a park.
2. Get a new library book out (non-TTC related) and read it.
3. Do Yoga 6 times.
4. Sit down and read books with Mason.
5. Start (and make real progress on) a sewing project.
6. Plan a roadtrip.
7. Take video & pics of new house to post on blog.
8. Take a picture everyday for my photoblog.
9. Work with Reese on his leash, without Matilda. Apparently my dogs like to surprise me, because I took them BOTH on a walk the other day and they did great!!
10. Take Reese to the vet for shots & a check-up.
11. Get 3 good pics of Doug & I.
12. Do something sweet for Doug.
13. Organize desk and bathroom closet.
14. Make and wear my luau jumper!! This one may not work :( The jumper's not going so well. At all.

Until next time!! <3


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