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Saturday, August 6, 2011


I am just furious right now. I truly don't understand people who can fabricate stories and situations in their head to be mad about.

For the fucking record: I have NEVER been ANYTHING but completely 100% sweet to EVERY member of Doug's family. I have NEVER tried to "interfere" in anything. Every decision that is made in this house is made by BOTH of us. I don't "control" fucking anything.

And for someone to say/imply that: I'm a cunt, am going to do the same thing that his ex did (uhm.. leave Doug for her meth dealer.. yeah, I think I'm good on that), that I have a "problem", that I'm not nice, that I control/interfere in things - is FUCKING bullshit. THIS PERSON is the reason we don't not speak to them - things that THEY have said and done while DRUNK. It's nothing *I* fucking did. THEY are the one with the problem. And if they EVER think I'm going to forgive them, they have another fucking thing coming.

Sit down and have a few more drinks, bitch. If you keep blaming everyone else for the problems in your pathetic life - you're going to be ALONE forever. And I don't feel bad for you. You make me fucking sick. I've never been so disgusted by someone's behavior EVER in my life. If I have my way - you will NEVER see your Grandchildren that are birthed by me. Congratulations.

SO.. I think I'm done with THAT speech. What else is going on? My to-do list is nooot going well. I've been so tired/busy with this new job. :( I *still* don't know if I really O'd this month or not. 12dpo and still no creamy CM, or CM of any kind really. Sigh. I came up with a list of reasons why the universe should let us get pregnant now:

1. I got my tattoo finished, so I'll look super cute in all my baby bump photos. :)
2. Mason & I butted heads (a lot) at one point - but now we're really close, like we should be.
3. I actually said out loud the other day, "I think it's a good thing we didn't get pregnant right away. We know each other a LOT more now than we did when we first started trying."
4. I have a job!
5. And insurance!
6. Baby has a nice cozy room all to his/herself in our new house :)
7. My Grandma is giving me her sewing machine today! I would be able to sew all kinds of cute creations for baby. :)

So universe, if you're listening - we're ready! Come on!!!! <3

Hope anyone/everyone who's reading has a great weekend!!  


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