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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Fingers crossssssSSSssssssed!

Today went great! Just a quick update, I'll add some pics and some more flair tomorrow. ;)

It was so quick and easy! I got to the doctor's office a bit before my appointment time, 10:30am. I "emptied" my bladder, and got half-nakey and settled into the exam room for an ultrasound.

It felt like I waited for the nurse foreverrrrr. It was about 15 minutes. She came in with my washed "specimen" and told me our numbers - 200 MILLION!! With 75% motility. This is amazing. For Doug's initial analysis in January, his count was 40 million, which is still double what the "average" that they like to see is (20 million). She said 75% were moving, and moving really well. I was ecstatic about these great numbers.

I had to sign my name on everything. The cup that the specimen was in. Lots of paperwork. The packaging of my catheter. This is all to ensure (I'm sure) that you're getting the correct specimen! She now showed me all of my signatures and by golly, they were indeed mine, so that's good. ;)

Next came the ultrasound. The follicle on my right had started to shrink - 11mm on Monday, 9mm today. She switched the left side. There was my big monster follicle. And wait a second... what is that? She said. ANOTHER monster follicle. A 20mm and a 25mm!! Most likely the bigger one will release and the smaller one will start to shrink. But there is a possibility that they could both release.

The IUI itself felt like a slightly crampy and longer pap smear. First she inserted the speculum. Then she began the long process of hunting around for my cervix. I mean, she could see it, but for some reason when she would insert the catheter, it was hitting a wall. She had me cough twice to bring the cervix down further and straight. She ended up having to curve the end of the catheter into a "hook" to get it to go in right. There was no pain, some cramping but not horrible by any means. She got everything into place and deposited/injected the sperm. She slowly pulled the catheter out and inspected it to make sure she got all the little swimmers out. Then she instructed me to lay on the table for 10 minutes and then I could get up, get dressed and was all set to leave.

I was there for about an hour total. I've been reading so many first time IUI success stories. The main factor seems to be staying positive and distracted during the 2ww. I read that *a lot*. So that's what I'll be attempting to do! It's not going to be easy, considering I'm jobless. But next week is supposed to be really nice out, like REALLY nice out. So I'm thinking I'll head to the park or the beach with my friends, visit some girlfriends and their babes and just do whatever else I can to stay busy.

I came home after the procedure and laid down for about an hour. I'm pretty crampy and sore, but that could definitely be ovulation pain. It's not easy to pop out one or two big eggies! ;)

Keep your fingers crossed for us! Send lots of good thoughts/prayers/vibes/mojo this way, please!! <3 <3


Stephanie said...

I'll be thinking about you! Sounds like an awkward process but sooooo worth it. I hope your two monsters develop into twinsies. :)

Megan said...

I keep checking for and update.

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