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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I haven't blogged in a few days, but that doesn't mean things have been slow. Basically - I may lose my job today or tomorrow. To me, it is a misunderstanding/mistake/typo. To my company, it could possibly be a breach of contract. I am in limbo land, just waiting to find out if I get to keep my job or not.

If I don't - it means I will lose my health insurance coverage and Doug and I won't be able to try and get pregnant anymore. We wouldn't be able to until I found a job (with health insurance), and even then they usually make new employees wait 90 days for their insurance to kick in. Which means if I lost my job today or tomorrow, we wouldn't be able to try again for at *least* 3-4 months. Maybe even longer. (Not to mention the obvious - we'd be without my paycheck. We would be able to survive on Doug's paycheck, but not for long. And not with the lifestyle we've become accustomed to.)

I am devastated. I've been walking around the past 3 days in a constant state of anxiety and nerves. It's really unhealthy for me. I had quit smoking on Sunday and after this drama, I've picked it back up again. I have no doubt that if I get to keep my job, I will quit again. If I lose my job - all bets are off.

Hopefully I'll find something out today. And hopefully it's good news. I will keep you updated. Please send prayers/thoughts/spells/positive vibes our way. :(


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