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Friday, March 11, 2011

Missing my night-shift honey.

I have nothing to blog about. I'm in the depressed part of my cycle, and I literally would just sleep and watch Glee if someone would let me. It doesn't help that Doug and I haven't seen each other at all this week. It's really putting a strain on me. I'm in my own little world at work, and then I come home and I'm alone. I just feel so..... lonely.

I started my Femara last night, 5mg - CD3. I'll take them through Monday (CD7). Thursday will be my ultrasound (CD10) to see how many follies we have. Dr. Sullivan will not be doing the ultrasound, one of the nurses will, but he will look at my pictures. (This kind of sucks because out of all the vaginal u/s I've had, him doing it was the ONLY time it did not hurt like hell.) They like to see a follie at least 15mm to let me know to start using OPKs. I *think* last month my appointment was CD9 and I had a 12mm follie. I wonder if the Femara will make it so I have at least one 15mm follie by CD10.

They also said if there are 4 or more follies, they suggest not trying that cycle. It increases the risk of multiples, and therefore problems. So, we're keeping our fingers crossed for 2 or 3 big beautiful follies. My mom is going to the appointment with me, which I'm glad about. It'll be someone to share the exciting news with, or someone to lean on should I get bad news (such as too many follies, no follies, or a cyst).

This week went by fast. Here's hoping that next week does too. Busy weekend ahead of us will ensure that goes quick for sure. 

We're looking at a 12/13/11 due date if we conceive this cycle. What a beautiful Christmas present that would be.


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