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Thursday, February 17, 2011

The day after

((Lots of TTC abbreviations this post - check out the abbreviations page if you need to.) Well..... it wasn't as bad as I thought! The tech had some trouble inserting the catheter and didn't get it in all the way. She said it would have been worse (the pain) if she could have, but it didn't matter - the dye still went through anyways and they were able to get a clear picture of my inside lady parts. Doug couldn't go in with me - that really sucked, but the assistant tech let me hold/squeeze her hand lol. That was so nice of her and I made sure I filled out a comment card with, "Lindsay was awesome!" before I left.

Doug and I saw the RE afterwards and it went great! He said he didn't see the issue the tech was talking about (that my cervix was extremely narrow), and that I looked "normal" and "fine". He took a look at my follicles and said I probably won't ovulate until at least Sunday. Since it's too late this cycle, we're going to start Femara next cycle (CD3-7). If no BFP still, we'll do one more Femara cycle and then..... move on to IUI cycle #11!!!!!!!!! I'm SO excited. That's exactly what I wanted - no Clomid (he prefers Femara because he says it has same effect yet no side effects) and to move on to IUI around 1 year. I didn't even have to suggest either. He was amazing.

I'm supposed to call if AF comes and schedule CD2 b/w so that I can start Femara on CD3. I'll also then have a CD12 u/s to check on my progress. Also, the u/s didn't show any cysts, so that's good. The doc made sure we were BDing with enough frequency and glanced at my charts to make sure they were bi-phasic.

Hoping that maybe the HSG opened me up enough that we get our BFP this cycle. If not, maybe all I need is an O boost, and the Femara will do the trick. I'm thrilled that he seems so aggressive. For some reason, ever since this all started, I've just felt that Doug and I would need an IUI to get a BFP. Maybe I'm wrong. Hopefully! That would involve time off work for both of us and we've done enough of that lately (first my ER visit and then yesterday's extravaganza). But I'm so happy that if it comes to that, the doc is more than willing.

I've had such a great team of people working with me so far - everyone from my OBGYN to the woman that draws my blood to the HSG techs. And now the RE is amazing. I feel very lucky, and I hope that we get what we all want - for me to be pregnant!

Yesterday was a very special day for another reason as well. *L* I'm looking very forward and hope I don't get disappointed. <3

Happy Thursday!


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