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Friday, February 25, 2011

Psychic reading

I had a psychic reading last night!

This is the same psychic who told us back in September that we wouldn't get pregnant until March. I remember Doug and I laughing and thinking she was wrong, because how could it possibly take us 8+ months to get pregnant? That's just silly.

Well, here we are. Only 3 days left in February. If this cycle worked, we'd find out that we're pregnant in March.

So last night we did a phone consult, and her talisman gave her a "shaky" yes to the question, "Is Ms. Kelly Brennan pregnant?" I said, "Well, if I am pregnant, it would be very early. Maybe that's why the yes is shaky." And she said, "Could be!"

I truly hope her first prediction and her talisman are right, and I have a little bun in the oven right now. 

Today is Doug and I's 9-month-iversary. <3 <3 9 months ago today I met the most amazing man I could have ever imagined. I feel TRULY lucky each and every day.

We had to cancel our massage package for tonight - the weather is just TOO crap to try and get there right after work. Sucks, but Doug said he'll make it up to me by taking me to a fancy dinner at Kennedy's. He also promises a full body massage and a hot bath. Oh and some Chapmagne! Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing night at home, which is JUST what Dr. Kelly ordered. :D

Tomorrow night is the Badfish concert! Yay!! Hopefully the weather slows so we can get there and home safely. Should be an AWESOME time. 

4dpo today. Some tingly cramps. Not too abnormal, I get weird feelings all the live long month, so.. not reading too much into it. 6 more days of waiting!!


sarsha said...

Yay, Kelly! Congrats on your 9 month-aversary with the man you love. Hope that you get an absolutely amazing positive this cycle. GL

Lil Sharpie (a.k.a. Sarah)

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