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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Loss & Hope

First I just have to say I'm so sorry to my friends, Nicole and Ashley. I truly hope you girls get your Rainbow babies soon. <3

I also have to say congrats to my friend Brooke! Brooke, I know this is your Rainbow baby! Love you hun! One of my first friends on BBC. <3 <3

Yesterday went by so fast. Too fast. I'm so freaking nervous about tomorrow. I've been talking and thinking about it non-stop. I know I'm being such a baby, but soo many people have told me how much it hurts! It's scaring me! Hopefully the anticipation is worse than the procedure (but I doubt it :(...). I can tell Doug is nervous for me. I hope he doesn't pass out, lol.

Today is CD10.. getting close to O time. There's a little bit of hope in the air, but something deep inside me is truly telling me that I have endo, and an embryo could never implant. I'm hoping so so hard that I'm wrong and that maybe this HSG will "clear the cobwebs out", as Doug put it this morning LOL. He's right though, it has happened for some. It's like draino for yer tubes. Well, I guess we'll see what the HSG shows and what the RE has to say.

I want a baby bump. SO. Bad. :(


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