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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Monday not-so-fun day

On Friday night I started having some pelvic pain. It was reminiscent of a night back before Christmas. The pain subsided, but I had horrible cramps all weekend. Monday morning I wasn't feeling great, but went to work anyways. I ended up having the pain again and my mom rushed me to the ER.

I was there for 7 hours without food, water or even ice chips. I got to hear the elderly man in the room next to me get a catheter put in. My legs were hairy and I was on my period. It was a ball.

I had a urinalysis, blood was taken, and they did a pelvic exam. They decided to go ahead and do a vaginal u/s, which showed a small cyst on my left ovary that had ruptured. There was some fluid in my abdomen as well.

I had had a cyst rupture when I was 13. That pain was much worse, much more sudden and strong. This wasn't the same, but I guess it doesn't always feel the same.

They gave me some pain meds and an IV of fluids and then sent me home. I took Tuesday off of work to rest. I've been sore and exhausted, and have had a headache or migraine every day since.

My OBGYN is still waiting for the u/s results to be sent to her from the hospital. She's concerned since I told her I had the SAME pain last month, that these cysts might be a problem.

I'm convinced I have endo. My mom and Aunt had it. My Aunt had several m/c and was in the process of adopting before she finally conceived. My cousin also had trouble getting pregnant. I was only 10 when I started my period (a risk factor in itself) and this is the 2nd time I've been officially diagnosed with having a ruptured cyst. My periods are also becoming increasingly painful. Some other symptoms of endo: hypoglycemia, anxiety and depression. Check, check and check.

I have my HSG scheduled on Wednesday, my OBGYN says to go ahead with it. I also meet with the RE that day. Hopefully if I present to him all of this evidence, he will be more willing to perform a lap on me to diagnose endo. I will be THRILLED if I don't have it, but I really think that might be the problem keeping us from conceiving.

I'm nervous as shit about the HSG, but if it helps us or at least gives us more answers then I'm all for it.

5 more days. Wait, wait, wait.


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