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Monday, February 21, 2011

O Day!

Well, my doctor may be smart, but I know my body better. He said I probably wouldn't ovulate until at least Sunday. I knew I'd get a +OPK on Sunday and O on Monday. And here we are -- + yesterday and ovulating today. Yay for O day!

This weekend was fun. Friday night Jason came over and he and Doug and I hung out. Saturday I went to breakfast with my Mom and got my taxes done (horray for big refund check!). On Sunday we went over to Doug's friend Jay's house and I got to play with his ADORABLE 20 month old twins -- Ava and Noah. They are ridiculously cute and getting so big! When we got home Doug made an amazing dinner. All in all a great weekend, even if I did throw my neck out. Doc says nothing but Tylenol and I don't even wanna chance it with that, so I'm toughing it out.

So, we'll know by probably March 4th or March 5th if I'm pregnant or not. That's usually when I start spotting brown and we know my period is coming. AF is due on March 8th. So we'll definitely know by then whether we'll start our 3 month IUI protocol or if we're going to have a 11/15/11 baby. <3 <3

Let the 2ww begin!!

I think we're pretty set on our names, which is pretty crazy since we're not even pregnant yet. Parker Alexander or Avery Grace. I was dead set on Layla Grace for the last 8 months, but Avery has been growing on me. I asked Doug which he preferred and he said Avery, so I think it's settled. We're hoping for a little Thanksgiving turkey!

I'm also excited about the fact that Doug and I will be opening a bank account together (awww). We'll open a checking to use for things like our vacation (we're thinking Dominican Republic or St. Martin!) and new couches for our new place, and a savings account to save for baby Parker or baby Avery. We're like almost real grown ups now!! ;)

Doug has already advised me that all purchases need to be run by him first, hehe. I guess he's nervous since I've been on Etsy a LOT lately looking at adorable nursery items, onsies, tutus (fingers crossed for a girl, cuz Parker may not be thrilled about tutus LOL) and adorable beanies. Some cute items I've found:

Urban Owls...fall...bib

Tea Party Standard Tutu Size 2T to 4T - More Sizes and Colors Available

Customize OWLY is sooo cute earflat hat Boy or Girl sizes preeme to 4 years.

And yep, we're going on vacation for our 1 year anniversary (end of May). Somewhere HOT and all-inclusive (although hopefully by then, only 1 of us will be able to drink)! Can't wait!!

If this cycle works (please oh please oh please!!), I'll have to credit one of these things.

CD10 - Acupuncture
CD11 - HSG test

BD - 2 days before O
         1 day before O
        O day (I'm counting my chickens, but it better happen!!)

4DPO - Massage (edit - canceled)
8DPO - Acupuncture (edit - 9dpo)

Acupuncture is supposed to be good for "opening" you up to conception. And I've heard more than one HSG success story. Add in a massage for relaxation, some Yoga (starting tonight!) and drinking more water - and hopefully you get a BFP! We'll see!


Erin+Josh said...

I was shocked when I read Avery and not Layla! I know how much you've loved that name But Avery super cute and lots of my friends have that name as #1 too! My HEDD is 11-11-11 ... hoping that's lucky =)

Kelly Jean said...

I know, pretty crazy huh?! Both Avery and Layla are in the Top 50 Names of 2010, so they're about equally as popular. Oh well. Doug really likes the sound of Avery with "our" last name. :) And heck yeah - lucky girl! That sounds lucky to me. Mine is 11/15/11. Meh. At least it's bookended in cool numbers, lol.

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