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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I haaaate my "long" weeks at work. The hours friggin DRAG. Not to mention I'm officially in my 2ww, so time literally goes even slower.

I'm excited about this weekend. Friday is our massages and Saturday is the Badfish concert -- woot woot! From Friday - Sunday I'll be able to keep my mind off things. Just need to make it to Friday!

I've been (a little too) obsessed with finding "owl" items, Etsy in general and looking up "HSG success stories" (gals that got knocked up right after their dye test). It's not healthy, but it's keeping me distracted and optimistic. But then Debbie (Ms. Downer) pops in and says, "Come on. Yes there are some women that have gotten knocked up their first month after an HSG, but really - you're not going to. Most women get knocked up within 6 months - you didn't. What makes you think you'll be so lucky now?" And I go wow, you're right. I hate you, but you're right. I've tried to subdue Debbie but she really wants to come out. I've been thinking of calling and asking for a blood test so that I can know as soon as possible, but eh.. whatever. I might as well just wait. Who knows though, I might.

Tuesday. 9 more days of waiting. UGH!


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