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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Today is a really rough day for me. I've done great all day, but after lunch I started doing too much research -- Google is bad when you're trying to get pregnant (and can't)!!

Most stats I've found have led me to believe that if it takes you longer than 6 months to get pregnant, it either won't happen for a long time, won't happen without help (fertility treatments), or won't happen at all.

One study (715 people responded):

1st month trying -- 243 people (34%)
2-6 months -- 192 people (27%)
7+ months -- 80 people (11%)
Needed fertility help -- 59 people (8%)
Got pregnant on accident -- 141 people (20%)
Another study (2,899 people responded):
50% got pregnant within 3 months or less.
12% got pregnant within 3-6 months.
6% got pregnant within 6-9 months.
5% got pregnant within 9 months to 1 year.
7% got pregnant within 1-2 years.
8% got pregnant after 2+ years TTC.
13% "other" (chose to adopt, etc.)

Yet another study:
30% get pregnant the 1st month.
29% get pregnant within 3 months.
21% get pregnant within 6 months.
5% get pregnant within 1 year.
6% get pregnant within 3 years.
2-4% get pregnant within 4 years.
And I guess the 5-7% rest of the folks either take 4+ years, or don't conceive at all. Or adopt.

So as you can see, in each study most got pregnant within 6 months. After that, the chance of conceiving decrease dramatically. And only one of those studies took into account fertility treatments (Clomid, Femara, IUI, IVF, Gonal F, injections, etc.)

All of us gals have heard over and over, "It can take a healthy couple up to a year to conceive." But I don't think I believe that anymore. From the studies above, it takes MOST couples 6 months to conceive (at most). After that - you either need some REALLY good luck... or a good Reproductive Endocrinologist.

Some quotes I like:

"Millions of couples suffer from infertility. So why the FUCK is everyone pregnant but me?"

"If you can't find hope, look in a new direction."

Cute onsie: "My parents spent $30,000 on fertility treatments and all I got was this lousy onsie."

"The jump is so frightening between where I am and where I want to be... because of all I may become, I will close my eyes and leap!"

"To achieve the life you want, you must first give up the life that you have."

"I hope that we can be happy where we are, be grateful for our blessings now, accept the challenge that is ours and make the most of it, and not be envious of others."

"Never give up, because you never know what tomorrow will bring."

"You cannot have a testimony without a test."


Angie said...

Hi, I just happened upon your blog and I just wanted to say that I don't think that's what the statistics are saying. In one study, they polled 715 people. That means all 715 answers are included in the percentages. After 1 month 34% were pregnant a lot of those are going to be double dippers with the pregnant by accident list.

These statistics do not show that YOUR chances of conceiving decrease after six months, it just shows that in those control groups LESS people were still trying to conceive.

And most RE's and health professionals tell couples that it can take a PERFECTLY healthy couple up to a year to conceive. It is ridiculous to see a specialist before that without a diagnosis. When someone does that they are taking time away from a couple who truly needs help.

Good luck with your ttc struggles and I hope you get pregnant soon (I really do mean that! I don't think anyone deserves getting pregnant over someone else)

Kelly Jean said...

Thanks Angie.

Interesting take on the numbers. That was a particularly low day :(

I disagree that it's ridiculous to see an RE before 1 year. I was recently in the ER for a ruptured ovarian cyst, and have been having increasingly painful periods - I'm hoping the RE will perform a lap and diagnose me with endo. (I don't WANT to have endo, but I would like some relief and some answers would be nice as well.)

Not to mention my RE is not by any means busy, so I don't feel as though I'm taking up the time of a couple who needs him more. I strongly feel that Doug and I will not conceive on our own, and have no problem getting help now instead of playing the waiting game.

I've asked several of my friends who have been TTC for a looong time, and almost all regret waiting as long as they did to get help. IUI is also free under my insurance, and I have no problem hoping on that bandwagon as soon as we get the go ahead (assuming it would even help, if I do have endo it may not).

Everyone's TTC journey is different. I'd rather see an RE at 8 months and get a diagnosis or a BFP, than wait another few months that will for sure be filled with heartache and "what ifs" (What if we would have seen the RE sooner? etc.)

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