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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


So, I saw that someone on my birth board posted a "to do" list - listing things she was going to do every week until baby came. I decided to do something similar and all of a sudden it dawned on me - HOLY cow.. there's only 23 weeks left. That seems like a lot. Until you list all of the things that need to be done before baby P gets here! All of a sudden, I started feeling behind! So, in my true OCD/organizing fashion, here I am, blogging my list - organized by category.

In the nursery:

1. Paint above where chair rail will go blue.
2. Touch up the trim.
3. Purchase, cut, paint and hang chair rail.
4. Put together the crib.
5. Hang his name decal.
6. Acquire changing table/dresser combo and assemble.
7. Buy wall art for collage wall, frames (Uncle Dano) and hang.
8. Buy and hang corner shelves, bookshelves and shelf with hooks.
9. Closet project (add shelf, hooks and wire basket pull-out drawer).
10. Details! (Robot decal, rug, personalized chair, etc.)

To make:

1. Crib sheet. (Purchasing instead.)
2. Crib skirt (gray chevron - possibly buying this one off Etsy). Purchased off Etsy!
3. Curtains (white w/ blue piping OR possibly buy at Target). Purchasing from Target!
4. Fleece blankets.
5. Crochet blankey.
6. Amigurumi Elephant (1/2 done!)
7. Quilt.
8. Yarn wrapped "P".
9. Stacker.
10. Work on his baby books.

Hospital stuff:

1. Birth class/tour - Saturday, August 18th, 9-5.
2. Pack hospital bag.
3. Pre-register at hospital.
4. Call insurance company.
5. Arrange doggy care for while in hospital?
6. Write up birth plan.
7. Breastfeeding class - Monday, August 13th, 6-9:30pm.

After baby comes stuff (to be done before baby is here - Erin! lol):

1. Schedule newborn photo shoot (first 10 days).
2. Install car seat.
3. Thank you cards.
4. Choose pediatrician.
5. Figure out daycare arrangements.
6. Purchase breastfeeding supplies - look into lactation consultant?

Fun stuff:

1. Baby shower - August 26th.
2. Vacation - June 29th - July 9th. No vaca for Kelly! This will be nesting/cleaning time.
3. Baby moon - early September to Canandaigua?
4. Maternity shoot - early-mid September?
5. Massage/pedicure - hopefully for my birthday (late September), from Doug!
6. August 25th - Baby's Bungalow 3D/4D ultrasound!! <3


1. Clean, clean, clean the house and organize!
2. Shampoo nursery carpets.
3. Dust nursery (once all set up).
4. Wash all bedding in nursery (as well as rug, curtains, etc.).
5. Do all baby laundry - clothes, hats, socks, blankets, etc.
6. Purchase leftover registry necessities.
7. Wash all bottles, pacifiers, etc.

(Instead of posting this to-do list over and over in posts, I'm just going to keep coming back here and crossing stuff off.)


Maria said...

That's a really good looking list you have there! Nice job staying on top of the game :)

happilyhomespun said...

Nice job! (and our baby showers are the same day!)

Kelly Jean said...

That's so fun! Your bump is looking adorable, by the way!

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