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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Last night!

Well, here it is. The last night that we will refer to baby as "the baby" or "he or she" or "it"!! We had an AMAZING gender ultrasound today - 15 minutes of joy. Her machine is ten times better than even the one at the hospital for the NT scan. We got to see SO many details of our little bundle - except one! Only a few people know that little detail at this moment. My sister being one - she ordered the cake. The rest of us will find out tomorrow when we cut into it!

It still feels SO surreal to be here. Even after 8 or 9 ultrasounds, I STILL feel like I'm watching someone else's baby up on the screen, or looking at pictures of someone else's baby. It's so strange. I wonder if I would feel that way if we got pregnant right away. Probably not. I just wondered and longed for this soo much for soo long that at times I never really thought it would happen. So, it just doesn't feel *real* now that it is happening! If it is a dream though, I hope I never wake up!

Doug and I are both over 100% convinced this baby is a boy. Mason is as well, and the woman who did our ultrasound today said that the little one's usually know - which I was just reading about on BabyCenter too! Very interesting. Well, if it is our little boy, we already have a name for him, a nursery theme, a paint color picked out - even his name banner to go on the wall behind his crib! He's all set! And if it's our little girl - let's just say that we will be FLOORED.

Can't wait for the party tomorrow! Will update ASAP :)


stefanel said...

I can't wait to hear!!! Such great pics, too!

happilyhomespun said...

What's the word Mama? Pink or Blue?!

satto said...

I think "Will update ASAP" should be stricken from this post. It's been a week and you have lurkers who want to know if it's a boy or a girl!

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