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Saturday, May 19, 2012

RaNdOm StUff

I can't wait until next year's Mother's Day, when I have my little one in my arms, but I still am a mother this year!

My mom got me a card, to her "favorite mom-to- be!" and a blue candle.

Doug got me a super sweet card, "You'll be the best mom ever!", and pink roses.

He also made a delicious surf & turf dinner that night. It was a really nice day!

Parker already has QUITE the wardrobe building up - 16 outfits & onsies! My mom and I both can't stop buying him stuff, hehe. Okay, it's mostly me, but she helps! ;)

(And his first book!)

From Doug's mom!

Yay for dinosaur burp cloths!

He also has quite the book collection coming along!! 30 so far!!! Plus 4 more Baby Einstein's that I ordered that should be on their way.

Reading to kids is soo important. My family are a bunch of readers (Grandma, Aunt, cousin, her daughter, mom and me), and Doug loves to read. I really want to pass that on to Parker. I thought we'd only need 2 of the Ikea spice rack book shelves! Yeah right.. more like at LEAST 4.

And last, but not least, his collection of bibs - 8 (3 are at Grandma's house)! (Spoiled much already? lol)...

(On the right is a bib/burp cloth set from Doug's
mom - sooo cute, love the colors!)

What's SUPER awesome, is that as far as the outfits - I got the 2 bigger lots at consignment sales for less than $15 each. The group with hangers are the only new (Target) items I've bought. And as far as the books - the large collection of Disneys I got from Craigslist - 27 books for $20! And the other 3 I got at consignment sales -about $5 for all 3. I'm super proud of myself! And it makes me feel a LOT better about my ridiculous shopaholic-ness lol.

Aunty Erin bought Parker this as soon as she knew he was a boy:

Thank you Aunty Erin & Claire! <3

I was going to do his nursery in a giraffe theme, but changed my mind. But don't worry, he's collecting quite a few giraffe items anyways - I still think they're super cute!

We also went to the zoo today (pics in next post!) and I got Parker these two rattles - sooo cute.

I couldn't pick between the giraffe and the elephant, so I got both hehe. I also love that you can see my bump in this pic :) Hello, Parker!

A couple other items that have been ordered and I can't WAIT to get in the mail:

Thanks to a post on Babycenter, I found a deal on Walmart - crib for $149 with FREE mattress and .97 cent shipping to your home! What?! And it was ALMOST exactly the crib I had picked out. Both Graco. Literally one TINY detail different - what a deal. So happy. The mattress is here, so waiting on the crib now!

I ordered this print for his collage wall. Honestly, it is the CUTEST thing ever. Gotta love Etsy! It was only like $6.00 too - even with shipping! It's 5x7 and I'll put it in a white frame. Can't waittttt.

Oh! His nursery is going to be dinosaurs and robots - not TOO much of each, just cute little details. Dinosaur crib sheet and sticker decal, robot figurine (see next pic) and print (see above), etc. You're not really going to walk in the room and go OMG dinosaurs, or OMG robots. It's just going to be cute little touches. You ARE however, going to walk in his room and go OMG how cute. ;)

I realize that this next item might not appeal to everyone, but I think he's soo cute. He's going to sit on a little shelf - he's only 2" tall. And Parker's name decal has mustaches in it, so I think it was just perfect with the theme! His name is Mustachio and he also came from Etsy.

And last but not least in my randommm post - painting Parker's room! I am LOVING how the color is coming out.

All cleaned out, except for his stuff!

Took the door off the closet all by myself!
I think it looks much more open without it.

I picked this brown for our computer room.
It was my mom's idea to leave the bottom half
this color for his room - great idea!

Blue is Tropical Holiday by Behr. LOVE it! <3

(The closet will be WHITE!)

I'm thinking that the blue will be done tomorrow (finish cutting in in the morning, roll in the afternoon). Next weekend we are going to get the chair rail (LOVE the one I picked out), cut that, paint it white and paint the trim and the closet in the room white.

Once all the painting is done, Doug can set up the crib! I am SO excited. Once that happens, all we have to do is get the changing table/dresser combo in there, and then it's just all about the details! We already have his ADORABLE name decal for above the crib.. then it's the spice rack bookshelves, the shelf with hooks, the corner shelf, the curtains and crib sheets (which I plan to make... we'll see how that goes. I also want to make a quilt... and I'm doing really well working on an Amigurumi crochet elephant!.. I'm thinking I'll do a blanket too.), the dinosaur decal, his Pottery Barn personalized chair, his collage wall, and a few other framed art prints throughout. Plus the closet project - add additional bar, the some small beams, add some hooks.

It's all coming together! Feels AMAZING.

I've also been feeling him a LOT more and a LOT stronger lately. It's like he's doing little somersaults. Honestly, So NEAT. It started yesterday - after I had a talk with him two days in a row about how I wanted to start feeling him more. Good boy! He listens to his mommy already. :)


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