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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Parker's first "time" at the zoo!

It was a HOT day.. got to break out the flip flops - my feet aren't thrilled today, the day after lol. And a lot of the animals weren't out - it was just toooo hot. But I got a lot of good pics of the ones that were!

The polar bears are ALWAYS a fav of mine.

Giraffe butts!





Doug's favorite (not) - python!

My favorite (not) - tarantula! Blech!!

Alligator - I thought he looked so cute!

A serval - apparently you can have them as pets! SO cute.

I *think* this was a snow leopard. Pretty!





Lemur! Pretty tail.

Baby gorilla!

Not so baby gorilla! lol

And last but not least, Mr. Elephant!

And Parker was a good boy, so he got TWO rattles! (I couldn't pick one, so he got both. <3)

It was a fun day! I can't wait to take him to the zoo for real!!!!!


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