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Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's a..............


Mommy's instinct really is right most of the time! Or at least it was in our case. I thought Daddy was sure baby was a boy too, but on the day of the party his official guess was GIRL. He admitted that he really didn't know, and had gone back and forth! Well, Mommy's guess was 110% boy - no doubt in my mind - and I was right.

Baby Ackerman is ALL boy! And he is no longer being referred to as IT or THE BABY.. or even Baby Ackerman! He is Parker Alexander. Our son. :) It feels AMAZING to be able to say that.

I had ZERO gender disappointment. I had researched it and worried about it, but the second I cut into that cake and it was blue, I felt fine! More than fine, great! I cried (so did both Grandma's and Doug's cousin lol, and I think my sister teared up a bit too) and was just SO happy to be able to put a name with our LONG awaited little bundle of joy. My brother (name - Alexander) is THRILLED to have a little namesake. We are just SO happy.

P.S. I had no idea I had lurkers waiting to know the gender of our little baby! What a bad blogger I am, haha! How sweet of you guys, thank you!!


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