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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

IVF update and blog challenge days 11 & 12...

My mom got to our house just after 7am. I finished folding some laundry (knowing I wasn't going to feel well the next few days), brushed my teeth and we headed out the door.
Doug beat us there by about 15 minutes. We got there and we were all 3 a little nervous. Doug didn't even want to sit down in the waiting room! We got called back almost immediately.

Ann (one of my favorite nurses at our clinic) brought us back to the recovery room. She had me change into just a gown (super fashionable, of course) and had Doug and I sign some final consent forms. She then hooked me up to an IV, and the anesthesiologist (Alan Wong!) came in. He asked me a bunch of questions about previous times I'd had anesthesia (all horrible experiences) and promised to keep me as comfortable as possible. After what seemed like forever but was only about a half hour after we got there, I had to empty my bladder, hug and kiss my mom and Doug goodbye and head into the procedure room.

I laid down on a table with my legs in two stirrups. Straight ahead from me was a little door in the wall, where I read on a website later that they pass the eggs through to the embryologist. Pretty cool! There was an ultrasound screen to the left of me, Alan was above my head, and a nurse (I think Kathy?) was with me, asking me a million questions, probably trying to keep my mind off of everything and keep me from being nervous. Alan got in on the convo too and we talked about baby L, how I got 30 eggs that time (they were shocked) and about my job at the chocolate factory. Then Alan told me that things were gonna get kind of woozy, and to let him know when that happened. I started giggling shortly after and he asked if the meds were working and I said yes. That's the last thing I remember.

Apparently I was talking about baby L and my dogs and "Mike in HR" (who doesn't exist, our HR department is Jessica and Todd haha). I thought I was sleeping this whole time, but apparently I was chatting away! I am strange on anesthesia, I tell ya. I apparently was wheeled into the recovery room into a wheelchair, and then somehow transferred into the comfy chair that I started the day in. I don't remember any of this. I do remember coming to in that chair and crying, as I always do when I come out of anesthesia lol. I was in a LOT of pain and discomfort.

The next half hour or so is kind of a blur. I was given some pain meds (nothing strong, just Tylenol I think) and some gluten free crackers that I was smart enough to bring. Doug told me that they got 12 eggs, and I had him text Erin and let her know. Once I was feeling a little better, although super sleepy still, I changed into my clothes, went to the potty, and got wheeled to the car in a wheelchair.

When we got home, I felt fine! Doug cooked me some rice and some toast, made me eat and take a pain pill and I felt great. I had him and my mom go back to work. Bad idea.

I remembered the doctor saying something about not laying flat, staying propped up so fluid doesn't build up under my diaphragm - I must not have thought this was too important because I took a 2 hour nap laying flat and woke up thinking I was going to die. I couldn't breathe, the pain was excrutiating - so much so that I passed out WHILE laying down - that is a feat, trust me! I then literally thought if I didn't get up and go pee that I was going to wet our bed, so I carefully made it to the bathroom, peed and BARELY made it back into the bed before I fainted again. I then laid down for another hour and the same thing happened - excrutiating pain like I was having a heart attack, on whatever side I laid on for too long. I thought about calling 911 - I really felt like something was horribly wrong. But I called doc instead and he said to prop up and I would feel better, that he expected some OHSS since my estrogen was so high. After propping up and taking more pain meds (Doug RUSHED home, literally fed me and even helped me go to the bathroom) I felt a lot better.

This morning I felt a lot better. When I talked to doc though, he said if I do too much physical activity, that by the evenings I will feel crappy again and he was right!

One AMAZING thing that he told me was our "fertilization report" - 11/12 eggs fertilized. That is ridiculously awesome. Usually only about 70% fertilize. This gives us a GREAT chance. Doc is optimistic for a 5-day transfer.

I had a panic attack this morning over the progesterone injections. Long story short, Walgreens specialty pharmacy labeled the bags of needles wrong and I was trying to inject myself with a WAY too thick needle. I ended up going into doc's office and having nurse do it for me. But now that we know what the problem was, Doug will do the injections in the morning.

We will find out tomorrow morning how our cute little 11 babies are doing, and whether transfer will be Friday or Sunday. Here is what they should look like today:

Right now I am taking a prenatal, a baby aspirin, Medrol for 2 more days and the progesterone in oil every morning. The day of transfer we will do 2 PIO injections, and after that we switch to evening injections, which will be a lot easier.

We couldn't be HAPPIER. I truly am like 80% positive that we're going to get a BFP. Before retrieval it was 50%, after it was 60%, and now I am just like so sure this is going to work! :D So is everyone else. Almost 40 people "liked" my status today - it feels great to have so many people rooting for us! And at least 5 people are rooting for twins LOL Oh geez. We won't be greedy, 1 is good enough for us :D

P.S. I am very attached to these 11 already, and I can't help but be a teeny bit sad for the 1 mini-Doug&Kelly that didn't "make it". So, a moment of silence for the one egg that did not fertilize. Muah. <3

Day 11 - If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?

1. For this IVF to work and for us to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby (or two).
2. For us to be able to afford the gorgeous wedding that we both want and deserve.
3. For Doug and I to last a lifetime. <3

Day 12 - List 5 pet peeves:

1. When people are in their own bubble on the road, completely oblivious to other cars and drivers around them.
2. Being mimicked.
3. When people stand too close to me in line.
4. Having my phone calls repeatedly ignored.
5. Drunk people. They're just fucking annoying.


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