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Friday, February 17, 2012


That's right. I'm PREGNANT!!

I'm PREGNANT! I got my BFP this morning. I am still somewhat in shock!
I tested 7dpo afternoon and 8dpo morning and got BFNs, so I knew the trigger was out.

This morning, 10dpo (5dp5dt) I decided to test - most of my symptoms I'm sure could be attributed to the progesterone (including my incredibly sore asscheeks!!), but been having a few symptoms over last 2-3 days that made me go "Hmm.." and you know I'm a POASaholic, so figured why not.

Tested, took the dogs out to potty, turned the fireplace on and got the TV ready to watch and went to check test. Told myself while walking towards the bathroom, it's sooo early, no big deal if it's negative. I even counted how many tests I had and thought I can test every day 'til 14dpo, so we're good! But when I got to bathroom and looked at test, there was something I had never seen before! A second pink line. It was the most gorgeous thing I had EVER seen.

I fell to my knees and cried and laughed and just said THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU over and over. The dogs thought I was crazy and were super excited and confused haha.

All my cute ways of telling Doug went out the window and I drove to his construction site in my pajamas, crying and laughing and talking to myself the whole way. Other drivers probably thought I was nuts and several times I TRULY wanted to hold my stick up and show other people LOL!! I got to the job site and Doug was confused and nervous as to why I was there. I pulled the test in the wrapper out of my purse and said here. He goes, "I don't want to touch it, you peed on it." With a knowing smile on his face lol. I said well you better! I pulled it out and held it up for him and said what is it? He said, "There's two lines." And smiled. We hugged and he said he's never seen me so happy. I said, "I've never BEEN so happy!!" I kept saying, "Can you believe it?" And he kept saying, "Yes, we paid $13,000 for it, I believe it." LOL.

I then drove home and text all my close friends. I'm so excited to tell my mom and my brother later tonight in person! They are gonna flip! My gay friend Jason had funniest reaction. I said, "What are you doing in October? Want to meet our new baby?" And he said, "Oh girl, are you pregnant? Get it girl." LOL

I called doc and they're keeping 2/27 beta, ugh. And 3/5 u/s. We will announce on FB after first u/s.

EDD is 10/30 for one, and 10/8 for two! Doug's bday is 10/27 and mine is 9/26, so that's fun!

I am just so ecstatic and still in a bit of shock haha! I can't wait 'til tomorrow so I can take another test LOL! Probably a digi. I have one of the -No/+Yes ones, but I want a PREGNANT digi one so will probably pick one up.

This is officially the best day of my entire LIFE. <3

Edited to add: My parents came over and were overjoyed! It went awesome telling my mom. She knew something was up from how I was acting (she knows me too damn well lol), but 100% thought it was that Doug proposed! I was so psyched to truly surprise her. I gave my stepdad an "I love Papa" picture frame and my mom 2 "Grandma loves you" and "Grandma's cutie" bibs and the positive test. They opened at the same time and my stepdad goes, "Get out, congrats!" And my mom was just like, "You can't know already, no way, really? Omg, no way, you can't know already!!!" LOL.. Then she's looking at the test going, "I've never taken one of these before, I don't know how to read it!!!" Haha.. apparently in her day, you felt icky and went to the doc and he confirmed pregnancy! No HPTs for her - ever. I explained that it wasn't rocket science - two lines = preggo haha! They were both super excited. My brother was also excited - he's hard to get ahold of in person so I had to call him. He was thrilled that he's going to be an Uncle! I decided to take one of the digital tests, for poops & giggles - had peed about an hour before and had been drinking tons of fluids. Urine was barely yellow! But it turned out!

And here's Mommy, Daddy and baby's first pic!

And Mommy and Grandparents first pic!


Maria said...

What's great is it's not a blatant line. It's totally a 10dpo line...can't wait to see it get progressively darker :)

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