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Saturday, February 18, 2012


Nothing is better than FINALLY seeing that little word pop up! I got up at 3 am today - babysomnia? lol.. Daddy-to-be was nice enough to let me take a nap though later in the day, and let me tell you - my OHSS has returned. JUST like they said it would if I became pregnant. It sucks, but at the same time, it's kind of comforting! Like, okay, this isn't all in my head lol. The OHSS was GONE - it wouldn't have returned unless my body began producing hcg. So.. yay! Haha. It's not fun, but a small price to pay! And if I cut salt out again and up my protein and sleep propped up - I'm sure it will be much more manageable than last time. And it won't last forever. :)

My girlfriend Christina came over today - could she been any sweeter? She made a basket.

The pic is blurry :( But the little outfit made me tear up. It's the first baby outfit I've held in my hand and KNOWN that I will have a little one to put in it shortly!!! I also teared up today because Doug wouldn't get me the food I wanted haha. Emotional much? He was tired and dirty from work and didn't feel like stopping somewhere without a drive-thru. Can't blame him, but I really wanted it :( Christina ended up taking me there cuz she's awesome like that!

I got bloodwork taken and will get the results Monday! Can't wait to hear my numbers! Here's a pic I took today. Holy belly haha.

And here is my bedside table - I have been sleeping with my tests LOL! They're just soo pretty and it's nice to wake up and see them there and know I wasn't dreaming! If I am, it feels real so DON'T wake me! ;)

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