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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 8 of blog challenge...

Estrogen went up to 7000 today, so that's "good" because it had been going up by 2000 a day, and it only went up 1000, so the "coasting" is working. I was hoping to trigger today, but doc called and said he wants to wait another day - bloodwork and ultrasound in morning - and see if E2 goes down anymore. If so, we will trigger tomorrow, ER on Tuesday. If not, trigger Monday and ER on Wednesday.

He made a joke about how he should have just had me "sniff the vial" of meds instead of actually taking them LOL because I responded so well (too well, estrogen-wise!). Follicles are looking perfect, which is great. 15+ on each side.. the right side is ahead a bit, so it's good that the left side has another day to catch up. 19-20mm's on the right, 16-17mm's on the left (I think). I'm sad that retrieval isn't Monday, but that's okay. (Baby L's mom's transfer was exactly 4 years ago Monday, so it was good luck to me.) I'm just hoping it works - that's all that really matters.

So b/w and u/s in the morning, and we will know tomorrow afternoon whether we trigger then or Monday. I can't wait to do this!!

Day 8 - Describe your dream vacation.

Somewhere tropical with my very-soon-to-be-fiance!! ;)

Tropical Retreat Seychelles Wallpaper

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