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Friday, April 27, 2012


I've kinda.. uh.. popped lol. I know I'll use that term much more whole-heartedly in a few months when I'm REALLY big. But wow, I am definitely feeling like I'm getting there now haha.

At 10-11 weeks, sometimes I had a bump, sometimes I didn't really. Then all of a sudden, I had a bump all the time lol.

11w5d <3

13w3d <3


16w4d <3

18w5d <3

20w1d <3

No mistaking that baby bump now! Definitely in maternity clothes. I've only gained about 5 lbs, but apparently it all went to one place lol! :)

(Edited to add more bump pics!)


Erin+Josh said...

you're so BUMPY! haha

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