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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

12 weeks!! And NT scan!

Today was by far the COOLEST day in my pregnancy.

We had our NT scan (where they look for Downs Syndrome). We got to watch the baby on screen for 45 minutes! Little stinker would NOT cooperate, which was great because I've heard of some scans only lasting 5 minutes. Baby was sleeping. Very soundly haha. The sonographer kept poking, jabbing, pushing, rubbing - you name it. She even had me cough a few times. Nothing! Baby was NOT about to be disturbed lol. One time he/she even kinda rolled over as if to say, "Leave me alone!"

At one point I laughed and the baby sprung to life! Stretched it's little legs out, moved it's arms all about, lifted it's head up. I immediately got tears in my eyes. It was SO cool to watch. For about 15 seconds, and then back to sleep LOL.

The woman had been doing fetal u/s for 26 years! She could tell just by looking at my ovaries that we had done some type of fertility treatment (she asked, "Did you have trouble getting pregnant?"). We talked a bit and she was just super nice. We got a million pics - and at one point she even switched to 3D! Now, at 12 weeks, the baby doesn't look like a chubby cheeked little cherub. More like a grinning alien/baby chimp LOL. Not "cute" in the normal sense, but still cute to a mom-to-be!

I learned that the head is on the left side of my belly button (from my perspective, looking down) and the feet are on the other end. That MIGHT explain the teeny tiny very faint little taps/flicks I've been feeling once in a while on that side - little feet perhaps?

I honestly didn't know if we'd ever get pregnant. Seeing our baby, that actually LOOKED like a baby, and moved, and had feet and hands and a cute little nose and big lips and moved and had a beautiful heartbeat - there is just no describing it. It still feels like it's happening to someone else! Like, I go to these ultrasounds, I get these pictures, my belly is growing, yet - it still feels SO surreal, like, I'm faking it or something?! It's strange. I've never been happier.

This is the last week of my first trimester! And 18 days from today will be our big gender ultrasound! We will also get 1 3D pic from that day. 19 days from today is our big GENDER REVEAL PARTY where we will find out the gender. There are honestly no words to express how excited I am about this. And 20 days from today we have another u/s with our OBGYN. 6 weeks from today is our next scan at the hospital, where they check for a different abnormality, so I am excited about that one if it's as awesome as today's was!

Oh, and most importantly - she said everything looked great to her, but of course we need to wait for the exact numbers and the bloodwork. Should get those results by next Tuesday.

Without further delay, here are some awesome pics of our little one!

Waving hi!

Making a muscle!

My favorite pic EVER.
Lounging like he/she is in a hammock LOL.

3D pic! Looking like a baby chimp or an alien, hehe. <3


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