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Monday, April 2, 2012

8 & 9 weeks!!

I've been TRULY slacking on the updates :( I've even been late taking my pictures. Bad mommy!! You'd think being off work and doing nothing would make me on time for everything. But alas lol.. not the case.

Oh well. Since tomorrow I'll be 10 weeks, it's hard to remember what occured two weeks ago, so I'm going to combine the 8 and 9 week update. Not much is a-changing these days anyways :)

How far along? 8/9 weeks. <3
Total weight gain/loss: Possibly a pound or two. But it fluctuates.

Maternity clothes? Sometimes my jeans fit, sometimes I need my be-band. Regular tops are a bit too short, so my one maternity top is most comfy (and concealing!)
Stretch marks? Not yet!
Sleep: Most nights still need a Tylenol PM. Not getting up to pee as much though, if at all. <--- Still true.
Best moment this week: Graduating from our RE to an OBGYN! It was bittersweet, leaving our RE - they are so great. But felt great to go see the OBGYN like a "normal" pregnant lady! We graduated!! My mom also got to see the baby (on screen) for the first time at our last RE appt. She loved it! We saw the brain, the umbilical cord and the spinal column - the nurse even saw baby moving a bit! We missed it, but it was neat to know that her/she is moving now! The OB was really nice, and we hear great things about him. He's head of the hospital that we want to deliver at - so that must mean good things! At our first appt with him the baby was soo much bigger. He/she actually LOOKed like a baby! Kind of a gummy worm/teddy bear baby, but a baby nonetheless! Very exciting. He wants to see us again in 3 weeks, and gave me a slip for my 12 week NT scan and another scan later at like 18 weeks. He said we could find out the gender then. Little does HE know that mommy has no patience and scheduled a special scan at 14 weeks!! ;) That's right! Gender scan on May 5th and gender reveal party on May 6th! Can't wait!

Miss Anything? Nausea went away at 8 weeks, so I am one HAPPY preggo!
Movement: Nope, but I've read that thinner women can possibly feel baby moving as early as 13 weeks! Eek!!
Food cravings: Not so much "cravings".. still lovin the fruit and veggies though.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Eggs, hashbrowns, tomatoes, beef, bacon, lettuce. Can eat meat again and loving it!
Have you started to show yet: So I'm being told!

Gender prediction: I'm back to thinking boy. :)
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly Button in or out? Same.
Wedding rings on or off? Engagement ring on whenever I leave the house.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!

Looking forward to: Our 12 week ultrasounds when baby will be SO much bigger and look like a real baby!!!!!!

(Daddy needs to work on not cutting off
mommy's BELLY in these BELLY pics lol.)


Megan said...

Wow, I'm surprised you found someone to do a gender scan so early. The place I went wouldn't do one before 16 weeks since the genitalia isn't fully formed before then. I definitely think I see a little bump growing though!

Kelly Jean said...

I was surprised too! I Googled "3D ultrasound" and then my city/state, and up popped 2 places. One guarantees with 100% accuracy (over 10,000 babies in 15 years) that she can determine the gender of your baby at 14 weeks. The other claims 15 weeks. I have NO patience, so I scheduled one with the first place. For $79, you get 6 black and white pics of your baby, 1 3D picture and a gender determination! Can't beat that!

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