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Friday, August 31, 2012

The shower!

It was so nice! It's crazy how time flies, isn't it? I was looking forward to it for so long and then POOF, it's over!

The venue was nice, we got our own private little corner. The food was pretty good. The cake looked beautiful. And my family and besties were there. What more could a girl ask for?!

Here's some pictures:

"Welcome Parker" banner.

The cake!

My sister made this beautiful diaper cake!

My Aunt did all the little decorations for the table, so cute.

Me and my Grandma.

Me with Parker's Grandmas.

Me and my best friends.

Daddy & Mommy!

Present overload!

So, we got a LOT of stuff. I mean a lot haha. Just a few more things we need to get:

car seat
car seat base

hats, socks & bibs

changing pad & waterproof insert
waterproof boppy insert (got 1, need 1 more)
burp cloths

diaper genie refill, diapers & wipes
butt cream

snot sucker
baby wash
nail clippers
meds (grip water, gas relief drops) 
bath tub (got one, but returning it for different one)
hooded towels (got 1, need more)

co-sleeper (have heard we don't need)
activity mat (Grandma's getting for Christmas)

pump accessories

And as far as the nursery:

1. Get collage frames. (Should be today!)
2. Print out art I made and order the last one. (Next week.)
3. Figure out how I want them to be hung and have Doug hang them.
4. String "Parker" banner onto ribbon and hang, possibly with mustache "ends".
5. Have Doug FINALLY touch up paint. (This weekend!)
6. Have Doug hang shelves, (the one I ordered should be here soon) and add items to them.
7. Buy curtain rod, hang curtains, hem as necessary.
8. Buy changing pad and waterproof inserts. (Amazon, next week.)
9. Have Doug hang "P is for Parker" print.
10. Get new outlets! They're old, dirty and hideous.
11. Have Doug hang closet shelf.
12. Stack diapers in closet, in changing table and under crib.
13. Finish adding velcro to boppy cover & diapers/wipes cases for diaper bag.
14. Pick outfit to hang on shelf with hooks.
15. Dust and vacuum!

He's almost here!


happilyhomespun said...

Your shower looks like it was tons of fun!!

Also, idk if you have a Target card or feel like perusing the store, but their big baby sale is going on again. I ordered the waterproof inserts and changing table cover the other day for way cheap. Since I have the card I get free shipping, so I added on a ton of other things like baby powder, nursing pads, etc. Great deals!

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