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Saturday, August 11, 2012

One short year.

It's amazing how time is so relative.

We went to a friend's BBQ last year, around this time. And I was saying to Doug the other day how I couldn't BELIEVE it had been a year - it felt like just yesterday I was wasted on jello shots! Haha. (I never drink, so I remember the few times that I get buzzed really well!)

I decided to look up in my blog where in our TTC journey we were 1 year ago.

Almost to the day, I wrote this post: Every Infertile Has Her Day. I took a pregnancy test in a Burger King bathroom. It was obviously negative. I remember how sad I felt.

I wish I could hug my year-ago self. Tell her to hang on. And that YES, it was really going to happen one day! To not give up. To keep going. To work my ass off and do whatever... WHATEVER... it took to make it happen.

But I don't need to. Because I did. And here we are. And for that I am so so grateful.


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