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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random stuff.

First of all, this burning stinging shoulder blade pain is AWFUL. Ugh. (Updating this on 8/21/12 and the pain is much worse. Boo.) (Reading this a YEAR later.. 9/16/13.. and the pain is still here, as I type... ugh!!)

Secondly, I can feel him under my pelvic bone - so weird! That's new as of yesterday. He is head down, with legs bent up and feet by his head, so it could be feet or hands (or both) that are jabbing me. It's an odd sensation for sure.

And lastly, I'm trying to look at my registry very practically, and think about the things on it that if we DON'T get for the shower, that we absolutely need to buy. Here's what I've come up with.

car seat
car seat base

hats, socks & bibs

changing pad & waterproof insert
waterproof boppy insert
burp cloths

diaper genie refill, diaperswipes
butt cream

snot sucker
baby wash
nail clippers
meds (grip water, gas relief drops) 
thermometer (hospital gives you one)
bath tub
hooded towels
bath sponge

activity mat

pump accessories

8/21/12 - I've crossed off some things I know or am pretty sure we are getting for shower.

I've put all these items on a Babies R Us registry, so we will get 10% off after the shower if and when we need to buy some of these items.

29 weeks yesterday!

26 weeks

27 weeks

29 weeks


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