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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Day 2 of blog challenge...

Day 2 - What's in your handbag?

Here is my current purse - from Kohl's.

And here are the contents!

My Coach wallet (love!) that I got at the Coach store in NYC when I lived there, and my Guess change purse that I got for my birthday from my girlfriend (also love!).

My handy-dandy Chihuahua 2012-2013 calendar book, from my mommy for Christmas. I write down all of our important IVF dates, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It has pictures of Chihuahuas on each page and is just adorable. A pen, of course. And cash to pay my cell phone bill!

My pink gloves that Doug got me for Christmas, and my Coach sunglasses (also from the Coach store when I lived in NYC... I went through an obsession, I also have them in white!). Can't leave the house without either - it's freezing, snowy and sunny!

Hair schtuffs! A comb, for fixing my bangs. A teeny brush for the rest of my hair. Some bobby pins, and a couple ponytail holders. Necessities!

Hand sanitizer and apparently 2 different things of Sweet Pea lotion - the one is old and almost empty, didn't even know it was in there! That's the curse of a huge purse! Seriously though - LOVE this hand sanitizer (Vanilla Bean from B&BW).. Their stuff doesn't seem to dry my hands as much as other hand sanitizers, and it smells SOOOO frickin good. Also love the Sweet Pea intense moisture body butter. Much better than regular lotion.

Bodycology's Sweet Petals body mist. Smells so pretty and light. And my new FAVORITE scent - Flirt! by Rock-N-Rebel. I think it's supposed to be like an Ed Hardy knock-off, judging by the logo. I've never smelled Ed Hardy, but this scent is great. I just got it for Christmas and it's half gone already! I love it.

Chapsticks, lip gloss and lipstick! I love the Lipsmacker's Strawberry & Milk Chocolate.. it smells and tastes good and gives a nice sheen without being sticky. The two Lipsmacker's chapsticks are okay, but to be honest they kind of give me a sore throat. Weird! I know. But Doug got me like a 12-pack for Christmas lol, so I've been trying to use them. I have NEVER worn lipstick, but I recently got a craving to try red and LOVED it. This one is Loreal - Evangeline's Red. It's gorgeous.

Dental floss! Free from my dentist. Must have. I get everything stuck between my teeth.

There you have it! Not very exciting. Big purse, lots of pink and girly stuff lol..


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