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Sunday, January 22, 2012

24/7 = nursery

Truly - that's all I think about, 24/7. It's bad. It's become an obsession. Finding the perfect items, the perfect details, the perfect wall color - I can't stop! I can't imagine what nesting feels like, if this ain't it!!

My latest "dilemma": our nursery is pretty small. There's enough room for everything I need/want, if I plan right. One thing I've wanted to do from day 1 is (have Doug) build some shelves. In small spaces you have to use each inch wisely, and that means building UP!

My first thought was something like this:

Then, my mom reminded me of how (at a super early age) my brother was reaching out of his crib, grabbing things AND pulling himself out. Okay, so this set up would only work for a short time. Not to mention the dusting and the fact that anything above baby's crib makes me nervous.

Then I thought, how about something like this (just the side pieces):

And Doug agreed he could easily do that. But, you still have some of the same problems as the first one.

Lastly, I considered something like this:

You eliminate any safety hazards when the baby is old enough to stand in the crib, because they can easily be moved to the other side of the room (as opposed to the earlier shelving that would be bolted into the wall). However, you also eliminate the main reason I wanted shelving and not drawers - displaying items!

This morning I had a brilliant idea. What about corner shelving?

This would be a lot easier to dust/get to, would be small enough that it's not within arms reach of baby, and would still allow me to display things. But, I don't really want corner shelving on both sides.. so I had another brilliant idea!

I just think these $3.99 Ikea spice racks turned bookshelves are BRILLIANT. Some of the items I want to display are books - this is a great way to do so without them taking up so much room elsewhere, which they would if you were standing them on a shelf.

So, I'm pretty happy with this idea. Pretty corner display shelving on one side, cheap easy bookshelves on the other! Me so smart.


Erin+Josh said...

I love the spice rack idea! I may steal that one day

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