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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Parker is here!!

What a wild ride it was! Here is my birth story, complete with TONS of pictures.

Sunday night was horrible - I was up all night itching. I had had 2 blood tests come back with elevated bile acid levels (indicating obstetric cholestatis) but apparently since my itching was on and off and sometimes tolerable, the doctor didn't think that it was too much of a concern. But when I saw him Monday and told him the itching was bad, he decided since I was 39 weeks on Tuesday, baby was a good size (estimated 9 lbs) and my levels were somewhat elevated, that we could induce. He checked me one last time and I was still 2cm and about 50% effaced. He stripped my membranes again and I had some light contractions and discomfort for the next day or two.
He set the date for Wednesday, 10/24. It was surreal from that appointment on... Like, omg, it's really happening. Everyone was super excited, especially both Grandmas. Doug and I went home and finished up cleaning, packing bags, etc. And settled down for our last two nights as a (mostly) two-some! 
Wednesday came and it was crazy. I was so excited yet nervous. We finished up some very last minute things, like buying celebratory cigars for Doug and my brother, and took my last chalkboard picture!

We got some dinner and headed to the hospital. When we got to the hospital Doug dropped me off at the door and I sat on a bench and waited for him to park and come meet me with our stuff. It hit me then - holy cow, we're not leaving this hospital without a baby!!!! 
We checked in around 7:30pm and got settled into our room. I got my super fancy gown on and was so excited!
From then it was a waiting game. They placed the Cervidil around 9pm, so I had to stay in bed until 11pm. Doug and I watched tv and hung out. They removed the Cervidil at 11pm. I was still 2cm and contracting painlessly every 7 minutes. I hadn't been on Friday, so this was most likely from the doctor stripping me on Monday.
The next morning they came in and started the Pitocin. I was nervous about that, but it didn't really do *too* much. Contractions were still a good distance apart and bearable. 
See how happy I still am? lol

My mom and Doug were with me by then. Suddenly the doc came in and said he was going to break my water. I was not ready for that! But alright, here we go! THAT'S when things got fun. First, it was blood tinged. But they didn't seem too worried. I was able to be up still, so I did some work on the yoga ball. Suddenly my water started REALLY gushing. Like, none of us believed that THAT much liquid was inside of me LOL. It wouldn't stop coming out. It was everywhere. The floor was soaked. It was comical but uncomfortable lol. Doug, my mom and I got a lot closer that day haha.
Very soon after, my contractions went from bearable to OMFG I'm going to die, make them stop. I couldn't handle them. I was begging God and crying and couldn't breathe and couldn't talk and was absolutely in the worst pain of my life. I begged for the epidural. 
That took a little bit of time. Felt like forever, but probably only a half hour from me asking to me getting it. The anesthesiologist was training someone and having her do it. I was ready to be like OMG just DO IT already, ugh! Because he was like walking her through it. It was hard to have a contraction while they were placing it. 
So, epidurals in. I feel relief. For a while. 
(Me sleeping during epidural)... Isn't my Fiance great lol..

I fell asleep for 45 minutes and woke up to feeling it on one side. They came and topped it off. Fell asleep for another 45 minutes and same thing. They came and topped it off again. They checked me at some point and I was 6cm 80% effaced and baby was at -2. His head wasn't coming down. I was getting upset at that point because I knew that if I dilated and effaced all the way, and his head came down - they'd have to turn down my epidural for pushing because I couldn't feel or move my legs and I was very scared about pushing through the pain. 
The doctor came in at about this point and said hey, you gave it the old college try but basically his head isn't coming down and we should c-section you. I was like okay! lol... I had had a feeling from the beginning that I wouldn't be able to get this large baby out. And after 24 hours of misery, I was fine with just getting him here and safely. 
See? I'm thrilled that I'll meet my son soon!

Things moved quickly after that. Doug got his scrubs. 

Him and my mom packed up all of our stuff. I got wheeled into the OR. I had gotten a surgery dose of the epidural, so I wasn't feeling any pain but was very nauseated. The anesthesiologist was GREAT. So kind. He gave me something for the nausea. I was so excited but then when I hit the OR I got a little nervous. Sooo many doctors. No one's really talking to you. They're just kind of prepping and you're like omg I'm going to have surgery. So they did their thing and put the wall up and I started shaking uncontrollably. Soooooo annoying. The anesthesiologist got me a warm blanket which helped very slightly. They started cutting which didn't hurt but you can feel stuff going on which is very weird. I didn't really expect that. They cut me pretty much from hip to hip because I'm so tiny.
Doug came in then. I locked eyes with him and was so excited and nervous. Thank gosh he has pretty eyes! TONS AND TONS of tugging and pressure. Very very very odd. I remember the doc saying something about the placenta being slightly detached and that's what caused the bleeding when they broke my water. I got slightly worried. All of a sudden, IMMEDIATE relief - like a 10 lb weight off your stomach. And some tiny tiny little cries! I looked at Doug and was just like omg omg omg that's my baby!!!! The cries were so quiet and little, I asked if he was okay. Someone said yes. They brought him over to get cleaned up and weighed, and I told Doug yes, go be with him, I'm fine. They held him up for me to see, which I only slightly remember, but I remember being again like, omg that's MY baby! They announced he was 8lbs 3oz and I asked if he had 10 fingers and 10 toes and someone said yes. Doug took some pics and they wrapped him up and then came and sat by me and was holding him and I remember thinking that I hoped I never forgot that moment. Doug was gazing at him so lovingly and it was just BEAUTIFUL. 

Then the anesthesiologist gave me something to help me "relax"... Finally the shaking stopped. But now I was sooo tired. I honestly didn't care about anything lol. I was like oh sweet, I had a baby. Hm. Haha. Apparently now Doug handed baby back, they finished up my surgery and I got wheeled to recovery. I don't remember much.

I guess my doctor went and talked to my mom and Doug, and said that if we had waited any longer, it would have been VERY difficult to get him out of my pelvis - he was definitely stuck. Doug said that the top of his head had like a raised up circle on it - like a little Jewish cap. So I'm glad they took me to surgery when they did! Poor guy was not coming out any other way.

After about an hour they brought him in to me and I breastfed right away. He latched and sucked like a champ. This was skin to skin special time, which I had been looking forward to for so long and Doug was desperately trying to get me to stay awake but it was almost impossible. They took the baby back to the nursery so I could sleep, and Doug went home to sleep since there was no place for him to sleep in the recovery room - all mommy/baby rooms were full. Baby boom apparently! After about 3 hours I woke up and asked them to bring him to me. While I was waiting, I went on Facebook and thank Gosh Doug had uploaded a picture. I just stared at it for the half hour I waited for them to bring him to me. This was that picture.
Finally they brought him to me and I was just overjoyed. Finally a mommy!
Breastfeeding didn't go as well the next few times, but after a few attempts and visits from the lactation consultant, he became a pro! Even after a csection, my milk came in after only 48 hours. He's a good sucker haha. 
Doug came up the next morning and we had lots of visitors in the hospital. He got down to 7lbs 7oz which the pediatrician was happy with. Healing the first day or two after surgery was rough, but got easier each day, just like everyone said it would. Doug has been great doing stuff around the house. I basically just take care of the baby and he cleans and cooks and takes care of me. A girl could get used to this. Wink
Parker is doing amazing. Breastfeeding is very easy, he sleeps well and I wouldn't even say he cries - just fusses a bit when he's naked or if he's hungry. I've taken 1 billion pictures lol. I love playing dress up with him. OH and he's covered in hair! Like a werewolf lol. And has the longest feet/toes ever. I'm thinking he'll be tall. His hair is dark and his eyes are dark blue, I see some Mason in him and Doug sees some me - his nose and lips. I just think he looks like himself. I feel like I know him best and do things the best for him. I thought I'd ask Doug a lot but really I've taken over for him a few times! He peed on the nurse right after birth lol. And has peed, pooped, sneezed and puked on Doug within a five minute period haha. He's so fun and it's truly amazing. Worth all the pain and every tear I shed. I've never been happier!
And now here's some photos!! 
Think this was the first one I took of him:

First pic of me with Parker.

Baby feet!

Love this one.

Uncle Alex holding his nephew!

Grandma with Parker!

Goin home! 

First car ride!

Finally home!
Daddy is so happy! Parker was born 2 days before his birthday.
After his first sponge bath:
This one's from today, 5 days old, on his due date!
Life is good! 


Maia Abbey said...

He's awesome Kelly !!!! I love how thoroughly you documented your pregnancy. I can't wait to meet your hansdome little guy :-) Congrats Momma !!!!

Aime32 said...

He is gorgeous!! Loved how you documented, I felt like I was there with you all. Congrats new Mommy.

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