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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Yay!! Week #1 Pattern Remix!

Finally!! Time to share the dress I've worked hard on the past few weeks. First, this post will be really basic since it's from my mobile internet here in the new house yet. Hopefully within the next day or two..then I will come back and edit and add links.
For now, here it us, bare bones... Project Run and Play, pattern remix, Oliver & S popover dress... Here is my take!!
Changes I made:
-Doubled the width of the yoke, I wanted to show off the little birdie fabric.
-Added a piece and two buttons to the bodice/yoke
-Added width to the dress, losing three A line and gaining some body
-Added length in order to create a bubble skirt
My very last minute adorable model was a tad too small for the smallest pattern in this dress, but my other girlfriends were busy, and I only had her for the one visit, so it's a bit long on her. Oh well, still cute and she didn't want to take it off, so that's always good to hear!
Next week is candy inspired, can't wait!! I'm already amazed by the talent of everyone, can't wait to see what the designers come up with!!


Beth Cavanaugh said...

Very sweet! I love the widened bodice with button detail. It incorporates the recognizable elements of the popover while giving the dress a totally different look!

stefanel said...

Adorable model and I love the dress!

Michelle said...

Great fabric choice! I like the bright colors and the buttons! Great job!

Ajaire said...

The bubble at the bottom is adorable. Great fabric combo too!

Simple Simon said...

Oh My!!! I love the little details you added. And your sewing is amazing!!

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