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Monday, September 16, 2013

My new obsession!

 Soo... Project Run & Play is the coolest thing ever! I was so amazed by the talent last week, and this week I'm even more impressed!  The theme last week, week #1, was "project remix", where they gave us a pattern (the Oliver & S Popover Sundress) and we had to make it our own. Some people did not stray far from the pattern, some went so far out that you couldn't even remotely tell what it started as! I feel I stayed somewhat in the middle. I was NOT happy with the fit, on my adorable little model.. but, excitingly, I'm having a little photo shoot on Sunday, and I'm going to hem the dress and get some great pics of my friend's adorable daughter in it.. can't wait!

A (very) little bit about me - I started sewing a bit when my Grandmother gave me her sewing machine a few years ago. I made some Green Hornet shorts for my stepson (and matching ones for his Moose!), a Transformers pillowcase, etc. Then when I got pregnant, the sewing bug hit me hard! I started sewing everything and anything I thought I could handle. Changing pad covers, quilts, diaper/wipes cases. Once I had my son, the sewing definitely went to the wayside! But after a few months, I picked it up again. But this time, I started selling my little creations to friends, and friends of friends. I started a little business of baby items was doing pretty well! But I got bored with baby things, I wanted to make clothes! And so I tried a few things. I made a lot of mistakes (uhm...still do!), but I LOVED it. I'm learning all the time, of course, but it is SUCH a sense of accomplishment whenever I figure something out, and especially when the finished product actually looks good lol.

So anyways, this week's, week #2's theme is "candy inspired". I'm still finishing up my look.. hoping it turns out. I tried a lot of new sewing techniques with this piece. And I was NOT afraid of color, let's just say that!

The look I'm most excited about is week #4 (week #3 is "mad about plaid"). I just bought my fabric today, they had EXACTLY what I wanted. So. Excited.

I'm also super excited about my photo shoot on Sunday.. and nervous.. mostly nervous, but a little excited.

So so many pics and fun things to come!!

(P.S. This blog has been SO many things.. I'm excited for it to now become a "look at the cute schtuff I've sewn" blog!)


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