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Monday, September 12, 2011

Just some schtuff.

I feel like crap today. Very IBS/AF like. Super fun. I *think* I'm 14dpo. Which means AF is due in the next day or two. Bring her on. I know I'm not preg this month, and I'm soo excited for next month's plan.

Ideally we would be able to do Femara/Ovidrel/back-to-back IUIs. HOWEVER, it's not a perfect world and my new insurance that kicks in on November 1st has a $1300 deductible. After Doug and I discussed it, we think we decided we were going to do Femara/Ovidrel and pay out of pocket for the next few months, and then add the IUI for Jan. 1st. At least that way the money that we'd be paying would go towards 2012's deductible.

After discussing with the doctor, that is fine with them. But they switched the Femara to Clomid because of the cost ($200+ vs. $18). I didn't want Clomid because of the side effects, but I'm desperate, so I don't care. I got my Rx for the Clomid in the mail on Saturday and will start it on CD5. Can't wait! This regimen will be the real test to see if the issue is my weak/late ovulation. We'll probably do 3 rounds of this, and then check back in with the doc to see if they want to jump right into Clomid (or Femara)/Ovidrel/IUI in January, or if they want to do more testing and possibly lap surgery.

I've been jumping back into planning. A *normal* woman by now would have a newborn. She would get her "fix" by hugging that little baby and putting him/her in all of the adorable little outfits that were purchased months ago. However, I have to get my "fix" by planning. So much is already planned - baby has a room, a name, a nursery theme - all the important stuff. So lately I've been planning all the little (although very important!) details: how to tell Doug about my BFP, when/how to announce to friends/family/co-workers, who will be the God-parents, etc.

I started to type out how I'm going to tell Doug about my BFP, but then I decided against it on the OFF chance that he visits my blog. That would be my luck. Well, just know it's a cute idea! ;)

Mason's doing well in Kindergarten, he loves it. He did a GREAT job as the "pillow boy" in the wedding. I'll post some pics tonight. :)

So.. just waiting on AF so I can start new protocol. And my birthday is 2 weeks from today, woot woot!


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